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Jennifer Lopez strips totally naked apart from a pair of angel wings for new music video for In The Morning

JENNIFER Lopez has caused a stir by appearing totally naked in her new music video.

The 51-year-old posed without clothes on in the In The Morning preview, donning a pair of angel wings on her back to complete her ethereal look.

Singer Jennifer was seen in the 30-second behind-the-scenes clip of the music video, leaving nothing to the imagination for her fans.

The Waiting For Tonight star was filmed totally naked, revealing her rippling abs, toned legs and perky posterior.

Looking otherworldly, JLo covered her breasts as she posed in her birthday suit, carefully positioning her legs to hide her intimate parts.

Video platform Triller shared clips of the mum-of-two bending back and forth in the feathery wings to show off more of her body.

Her shapely figure is revealed in all its glory as viewers are treated to a flash of her silhouette as she walks about in the wings.

Jennifer's voice is heard in the background, explaining the meaning behind her new song In The Morning.

"The song is really about demanding someone to treat you the right way," she explains. "There's a lot of symbolism in the video."

Further clips show her in a flowing gown, suspended from the ceiling by cables and lights flashing to reveal her mermaid-like purple hair.

Another sees her in a white dress made of cloth, with her hands being tied up behind her back.

"This girl kind of falls into a relationship and she's sinking in this water so she grows a mermaid tail," Jennifer continues, as she appears swimming with a long fishtail covering her legs.

"Little by little, she starts growing her own wings, just to be able to walk away from the relationship," she concludes.

It's not the first time fans have been treated to such stunning shots, as Jennifer rarely misses an opportunity to show off how good she looks.

The star posted a photo from her holiday to Turks and Caicos on Instagram, posing in a revealing green swimsuit.

Showing off her muscular yet trim figure, she stood on a paddle board in the ocean for the sizzling shots.

Her post racked up over 2.7million likes and thousands took to the comments to praise her amazing physique.

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