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Jason Momoa Shows Off His Muscles in Tank Top as He Throws Axes for Charity

Jason Momoa would make axe throwing look easy.

The (recently) beardless Aquaman star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time and taught the host about his favorite hobby, hitting the bulls-eye on the first throw.

“So here’s the thing, because we throw footballs and baseballs, everyone kind of turns it like this,” Momoa explained while showing Ellen the proper way to throw an axe. “It has to go straight over your head … it has to go right with the grain.”

After a few failed attempts from DeGeneres, she surprised Momoa with an opportunity to raise money for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a Hawaii-based environmental organization.

The former Game of Thrones star, famous for his beard, recently made “shockwaves” on the internet when he decided to shave it off to raise awareness for the harmful effects of single-use plastic water bottles while launching his new line of canned water with Ball Corporation. Unlike the plastic, aluminum cans are “100% recyclable.”

“I’m Aquaman now and I have all these little beautiful kids come up to me, and I never thought I’d be a role model,” Momoa told DeGeneres, explaining the motivation behind his canned water campaign. “So I wanted to save the planet from single-use plastics.”

DeGeneres joked that the Mueller report was released the same day he shaved his beard, but his beard was “over trending” the highly-anticipated report on the investigation of Russian interference.

“Yeah, sorry about that, that was an accident,” the actor laughed.

And with his axe throwing, Momoa raised $31,000 on the show, although DeGeneres laughed they only expected him to get up to $10,000. The TV host brought out a sharpie, crossing out “10” and writing “31” over it.

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