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Jackie Chan admits he tried to knife director after argument

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Jackie Chan has been part of both Chinese cinema and Hollywood for decades. While he cut his teeth as a stuntman in the 1980s, he went on to make a name for himself as an action hero in the West. But he has now revealed that his career has not always been easy. In a new interview, he remembered an argument that went too far.

Chan allegedly revealed he “tried to attack” a director when they began insulting his parents.

The star was interviewed on the Chinese talk show Shidian Talk where he reportedly retold the story of how a director – whom he did not name – began insulting people from his greater family.

News website Asia One reports Chan saying: “I was scolded so much and he even dragged my ancestors in.”

Eventually, things got too much for Chan, so he took a drastic step towards violence. 

Chan confessed: “I took a knife and wanted to go and cut the director. I said that he can scold me as much as he wants, but don’t insult my mother.”

While the Rush Hour star was en route to attack, he was reportedly stopped by a colleague.

Chan was working alongside martial arts legend, Sammo Hung, at the time. And the Hong Kong actor stepped in to make him think about what he was about to do.

Chan recalled: “Sammo grabbed hold of me and said: ‘Are you crazy?'” (Via Asia One)

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Chan later revealed in the interview that a lot of his career has been bogged down with criticism – “especially” from newspapers, he added.

With this constant attack on his work, he was left in a state of misery. He recalled: “In the past, whenever the newspapers criticised me, I would be unhappy for the day. I would think about it for a day, which became a week, then a year,” he recalled, adding that it wasn’t worth the effort and time.”

He went on to explain that he has learned to take criticism in his “stride” while being thankful for the feedback.

He added: “Don’t take what people say to heart.”

Chan also opened up about his early days as a stunt performer. While he has now become known world-round for his outrageous, death-defying performances, he revealed he did not always get the money he was owed.

In fact, to even ask for financial recompense was frowned upon, he revealed.

Chan said: “I didn’t dare to ask for money — [the people in charge] would tell me that if I wanted money, I didn’t need to come in tomorrow.”

This unbelievable way of working ended with Chan being paid a meagre $30 for his work as a stunt double in one movie.

Chan also got very real about his mortality. The 68-year-old noted how there are not many classic martial artists still performing.

He added that he is “lucky enough to live this far”.

He said: “To have lived to this point has not been easy — many people weren’t able to do so. Bruce Lee can no longer age, and neither can Leslie Cheung. If Bruce didn’t die, what would he be doing today, and what would Leslie Cheung be doing as well?”


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