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ITV Emmerdale fans brand Jacob and Victoria disgusting as romance gets steamy

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    Fans of Emmerdale have been left feeling disgusted as Victoria Sugden and Jacob Galagher continue their unlikely romance behind David Metcalfe's back.

    During Wednesday night's episode (October 25), Victoria and Jacob tried to come to terms with the fact they slept with each other the night before. Trying her best to cool things down, Victoria insisted that it wouldn't happen again.

    However, while talking to Jacob about their raunchy romp, the pair ended up sharing a number of passionate kisses and later found themselves going "upstairs" to enjoy another steamy session. But viewers were clearly turned off by Victoria and Jacob's age gap romance and shared their grievances online.

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    Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one viewer fumed: "Jacob and Victoria slobbering over each other is f*****g disgusting."

    Another disgruntled fan said: "I'm really looking forward to next week's huge episodes. But the Victoria & Jacob scenes are making this week's eps a chore to sit though tbh."

    A third viewer mentioned Jacob's previous grooming ordeal and penned: "I'm so annoyed with the #Emmerdale storyline with Victoria & Jacob. I highly disagree with it. He was groomed by a much older woman, who was with his stepdad (who he sees as his real dad). Now with his dad's ex who treated him like a SON."

    Referring to other unlikely romances in the show another viewer said: "The writers have a weird problem. Victoria & Jakey then Cathy & Samson how do they even think such odd ideas up."

    During the episode, David- who was once in a relationship with Victoria- tried to rekindle their romance. But despite his best efforts, David had no luck which led Jacob to tell him to let things go.

    Speaking about the nine-year age between Victoria and Jacob and the possibility of David finding out, actor Joe-Warren Plant who plays Jacob spoke to Digital Spy. He said: "Obviously Jacob is super scared about the possibility of anyone finding out – not just Leyla and David, but everybody else in the village because people gossip and talk.

    "Jacob's smart and he knows how to make sure that people don't find out. At the same time, though, sometimes he jumps the gun a little bit or does things without really thinking because he's passionate about the situation."

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