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ITV Emmerdale airs exit for villager and viewers say good riddance

Emmerdale fans said “good riddance” as Lydia Dingle revealed she was leaving the village, after not being able to forgive her husband Sam for beating up her rapist.

Although Sam (James Hooton) thought he was the reason Craig Reed (Ben Addis) died in scenes that aired last week, it was later revealed to be Kim Tate's horse.

After being beaten up by Sam for what he did to his wife Lydia, Kim and her horse came across Craig in the field as he was screaming out for help, but she refused to help, knowing all too well what he had done.

Desperate to get to the hospital, Craig pulled on the horse's reins, scaring the animal which led to Craig being hit with force over his head by the horse's hoof.

Sam was then arrested and taken to the police station where he was found not guilty and released back into the village to find that Lydia was struggling to come to terms with what he had done.

During emotional scenes, Lydia is seen packing up her things, leaving Sam heartbroken.

Sam pleaded with Lydia and said: “You're not happy, it wasn't my fault Craig dying, it is supposed to be a good thing the coppers letting me go."

However Lydia fired back: “He still died, you still did what you did and you can't just undo that. The barn though if you hadn't taken him there, he wouldn't have been around there, would he? The horse would have swerved him and I wouldn't have to go through all this.”

She later added: “I didn't want any of this bravado, fighting, you just dragged me back there to what he did, Sam. How am I supposed to heal when you do that?”

In another attempt to fix his relationship, Sam said: “I love you so much, Lydia, how can I make this better?”, but Lydia confirmed she was leaving and said: “You can't. I can't be with you, Sam not like this. I need to pack, I need to get away from all of this and I need some space. I'm sorry.”

Fans quickly took to X, formally known as Twitter, and said “good riddance” to the news Lydia was leaving.

One viewer penned: “I wish Lydia would just go away and never come back. She's so annoyingly dull”, while another added: “Good riddance Lydia”.

A third added: “# Emmerdale Lydia leaving Sam.. Happy days… One-way ticket we hope!”, while another said: “How have #emmerdale managed to make Lydia the most dislikable person in her storyline???”

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