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Iqra comes out as lesbian to Habiba in EastEnders

Iqra Ahmed (Priya Davdra) has revealed to her sister Habiba (Rukku Nahar) that she is gay – and is in a relationship with a woman in EastEnders. The admission came after she protected Habiba’s affair with Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes) from ruining the Eid dinner.

She blurted out to her confused grandparents that she was in a relationship and they didn’t exactly take it well. But Iqra knows that the full truth that she is a lesbian may not be welcomed at all by them.

As Habiba followed her and told her that she didn’t have to pretend to be in a relationship just to get her out of trouble, Iqra told her that it was the truth. But as Habiba learned that her current partner is a woman, will she encourage Iqra to tell Mariam and Arshad? Or will she agree that it’s best they don’t know?

Meanwhile, Bobby Beale had been invited to share in the celebrations and felt accepted as a Muslim but the brewing tensions confirmed to a heartbroken Honey Mitchell that her relationship with Adam is built on lies.

As she took the big step of comforting an upset Habiba and reapplying her make-up, Habiba asked her how she was so good at doing the make-up. With tears swimming in her eyes, Honey told her that she needs a lot of armour and the two women inwardly shared the knowledge of what Adam is truly like and how much he has hurt them both.

It remains to be seen if Iqra comes out to her grandparents or continues to meet her girlfriend in secret but is she right to worry about the family reaction? Or might Mariam and Arshad surprise her with a less conservative approach to her big news?

Either way, her sister Habiba has got her back.

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