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Inside star's incredible home gyms from Mark Wright's sweaty workout space to The Rock's Iron Paradise

AS the great Britney Spears once said: "If you want a hot body, you better work b****."

And no one knows this more than other celebrities, who somehow squeeze intense workouts into their busy schedules.

But the secret to successful workouts for the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or Britain's own Mark Wright isn't paying for a hefty membership to an elite famous person gym.

No, it's to build these iron temples inside their houses – and they are incredible.

Whether they are studio spaces looking out to gorgeous countryside or isolated dens of cross-trainers and testosterone, the most impressive celebs have amazing gyms.

Here we take a look at some celebrity home gyms that put the star in star jumps.

Mark Wright's Train Wright Gym

The former Towie king knows a thing or two about fitness: not only is he built like he could carry the population of Essex on his back, he also has his own fitness company, Train Wright.

So it makes sense he has a gym kitted out with everything he needs, including a squat rack that can double up as a bench press thanks to his movable bench.

If compound exercises aren't on the menu, he also has a dumbbell rack ranging from little warm up weights all the way to hernia-inducing slabs of steel.

Then for cutting – i.e. how he gets those abs – he has not one but two treadmills.

Kate and Rio Ferdinand's Gym

What happens when you combine a former reality star with a ex professional footballer? Well, an adorable baby, but also an incredible gym space.

The most attractive part about this set up is the open space – the gym is not only nicely spread out, but windows on the ceiling and floor-to-ceiling transparent walls flood it with light.

So while looking out at their gorgeous garden, they can use the squat rack, gymnastic station and two movable benches.

The pair also spiced up the cardio with cross-trainers and treadmills, while leaving a huge free exercise space in the middle.

Peter Andre's Gym

The Mysterious Girl singer's fitness temple has what could be described as masculine energy: built into the garage, there are blue neon lights and harsh black floors.

All of it gives the space the perfect atmosphere for pumping iron, whether that's on the Smith machine or with the free weights located within the large space.

There's also everything for a cardio-obsessed fitness fanatic, including both a cross-trainer and a treadmill.

But finishing off the gym vibes, they've installed a huge TV above the mirrors, so they don't have to choose between Love Island and looking like one of the contestants.

The Rock's Iron Paradise

"How can anyone look like Dwayne Johnson?" is a question that has sent personal trainers mad for decades.

While some of it can be down to genetics and a bit of Hollywood magic, his gym is testament to how much hard work goes into looking like you can actually launch a torpedo with one hand while hanging out of a jeep (thanks F8 Of The Furious for that scene).

Sitting below his American flag, there's benches, there are individual machines designed for targeting specific muscle groups like shoulders and chest, there's a rack of weights that goes up to actual Superman size.

But he doesn't skip cardio either, having a cross-trainer in the middle of his workout machines.

All of this is contained in a space that looks exactly like a top secret military barracks designed to create the perfect super soldier.

Actually, do we know if that's true?

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