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I’m A Celebrity 2020 LATEST – Shane Richie warned over AJ Pritchard feud as Hollie Arnold becomes first star to leave

I'M A Celebrity's Hollie Arnold was the first star voted off the show.

The vote came between the Paralympian, 26, and West End star Ruthie Henshall, 53.

However, Hollie – who was odds-on favourite to depart first – was voted off as she says she made "friends for life" in the camp.

Meanwhile, Shane Richie has been warned by AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen to stop winding the Strictly dancer up.

The pair has been locked in a growing feud over the past week after clashing over the Eastenders star's washing up skills.

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  • Tom Capon


    While there were tears aplenty for the evicted campmate Hollie, there were tears earlier in the evening.

    They flowed after the 12 stars enjoyed their last meal together cooked by Vernon who said “there's a real family atmosphere”.

    King of pranks Shane Richie was the first to get sentimental as the stars spoke about their castle experience so far.

    Giovanna then chimed: “This group has been amazing, I do feel like we’ve made friends for life.”

    Russell, who celebrated his birthday in the camp, thanked everyone for making him and Ruthie feel so welcome as latecomers.

  • Tom Capon


    The Paralympian was up against Ruthie Henshall after Ant and Dec had read out the rest of the camp's name to say they were safe.

    She said through tears: “I'm devastated but someone has to go right. You have just got to be prepared for if it's you but it's the best experience I've ever had, I didn't want to leave.”

    Elaborating on her experience, she said: “I never really knew what to expect so just go in there and enjoy every single moment of it. I love them, I miss them already.

    “I feel like I've never not enjoyed a single moment of it, even the god damn rice and beans”

  • Tom Capon


    Vernon managed to melt the hearts of the fans after revealing he would wear a suit and dance with his daughter while watching Strictly.

    On tonight's show, the 46-year-old presenter was chatting with his fellow celebrities about their families and home life.

    He said: “When Phoebe was watching Strictly with me, I used to dress up in a suit at first when she was young and we'd dance together.

    “So she'd put a princess dress on, I'd wear a suit and when they were all dancing around we'd replicate that.

    “And just out the blue one evening she said daddy, is my mummy Tess Daly? because we'd never really explained that mummy works on the telly because obviously mummy's mummy.”

  • Tom Capon


    Ex-I'm A Celebrity stars were asked by ITV to go into isolation so they could take part in this series, but have been told to go home instead, The Sun has revealed.

    Former winners Joe Swash, 38, Vicky Pattison, 33, and Charlie Brooks, 39, were sent packing, as was ex-Towie star Joey Essex, 30.

    They spent weeks preparing in accommodation around the North West in order to comply with Covid guidelines.

    But they will not be appearing at the show’s new home in Gwrych Castle, North Wales.

  • Tom Capon


    Speaking of iconic challenges, those who worried the horrible virus was stopping the Celebrity Cyclone challenge can rest easy.

    The Sun revealed they will be going ahead with it as usual.

    A TV insider said: “This often took place in the heat of the Australian jungle which meant it could easily be staged outside where it needs huge amounts of space.

    “That left fans wondering if building something similar in Gwrych Castle in Wales might be impossible, because of the freezing temperatures and the limited room inside the building and its grounds.

    “But it seems producers, who are determined to ensure the British equivalent is just as fun as the one Down under, have found a way to make it happen.”

  • Tom Capon


    That was a great episode. We've seen AJ and Shane take on that horrific trial with some questionable tongue action.

    We saw Russell lead a singalong. Vernon and Mo dressed as Robin Hood and Friar Tuck.

    They all cried over dinner – and then Hollie was kicked out of the castle.

    It's all very surreal, but prime cut beautiful television.

  • Tom Capon


    Hollie, when pressed, chose Jordan to win!

    He has been the runaway success this series, let's see if he can keep it up for the final week. He's too loveable to let us down.

    She didn't pick anyone from her girls club though!

    Also, our first look at the bridge as she leaves. Such a shame she can't be greeted by her family and friends!

  • Tom Capon


    Been the loveliest show. They are all lovely.

    But someone on Twitter made a good point. You can't be too sad about going, she's about to get treated to a hamburger, some wine and a nice bath.

    And by the finale she'll be able to leave the hotel…

  • Tom Capon


    Hollie! That lack of screen time is a killer – even though she did the Trial with Shane yesterday.

    She is absolutely devastated and she seems to have taken it personally. This is such a big camp full of big personalities, this just happens.

    Hollie should be proud of the effort she put in!

  • Tom Capon


    So who do we think it is? Odds are on Hollie and I'll have to agree with that. She's not had much screentime, even though she seems incredibly sweet.

    Victoria's odds of winning are remarkably low (1/100) but I've been enjoying her the entire time. Sweet and gets good stories out of people. What more can you want?

    Also vulnerable is Ruthie. Out of all of them, her journey seems “complete”. At that supper, she seems to have accomplished what she wants.

    So for me: it's between Hollie and Ruthie.

  • Tom Capon


  • Tom Capon


    Vernon's kid Phoebe asking “Is mummy Tess Daly?” is the sweetest thing in the entire world.

    But it must be weird if your mum is the face of Strictly. Maybe it was more of… “Wait, my mum's THE Tess Daly?”

  • Tom Capon


    Eleven stars and well deserved. That trial was so weird it was surreal. I said, out loud, “What am I watching?” several times while that was on.

    They're both so brave. And any tension between them must be gone now that they've gone into that battle together.

    I'll have nightmares about those spiders…

  • Tom Capon


    …Pay me enough money in the world to do this bit. Shane and AJ are braver men than I.

    Love Shane telling AJ about notoriously terrible Anne Widdecombe to try and get him to focus.

    His reply? “No, I'm thinking about my girlfriend.”

    While covered in horrific alien spiders? It takes all sorts…

  • Tom Capon


    The noises continue but this trial… I mean, I am putting these pictures to you without comment. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Tom Capon


    Forget about the shampoo advert – those noises AJ are making. MmmmmmMMMmmmmmMMM.

    This will be interesting. AJ has billed himself as very competitive – we know that from Strictly – but his dad has said before that he is scared of everything and is a “wimp”.

    So with such a stunning endorsement, who knows?

    We know that Shane's got it in him though. As long as he has something left in the tank.

  • Tom Capon


    You can feel the awkwardness between Shane and AJ. Why was Shane staring him down!? I'm sure he meant nothing by it but, I mean, see for yourself…

    Good on Shane for keeping his spirits up despite this being his fourth trial. I'd be sick at the sight of a maggot at this point.

  • Tom Capon


    The whole camp was mesmerised by Russell's performance. He didn't get the nickname “The Voice” for nothing!

    The cast definitely has some heavyweights in the camp this year, so the quality of stories and activities are way up.

    Sir Mo, Bev Callard, cheeky Shane – all legends.

    Do we need an argument when you've got this wholesome fun?

  • Tom Capon


    Imagine trying to explain this picture to someone who just woke up from a coma.

    I'm surprised they went for eleven when they are in a HAUNTED CASTLE. Surely they've seen a few themselves.

    Poor Mo can't get his chocolate either.

    Also, we just witnessed a man have his entire soul crushed on our television screens. Pour one out for Jordan, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Tom Capon


    Now don't tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life?

  • Tom Capon


    Feel for Bev, I would also feel nervous about pooing with every single person around me listening in.

    I mean, she could just ask them to leave. But this episode is definitely going to be a musical one, if we've got Russell warming up his vocal chords.

  • Tom Capon


    AJ is FURIOUS with Jordan weeing. But how. funny. is. p**scam. Can you believe doing actual espionage to find out who is weeing on the floor?

    The smell though. That would be Shane. Poor, poor Shane.

  • Tom Capon


    There's not much worse than being kept in those quarters and having a bad stomach.

    I feel for the man. Did someone not cook the monkfish properly?

  • Tom Capon


    Who's everyone's favourite entrance in the title cards? Mine is 100% Vernon Kay doing the salute, big fan of that. Would love to have seen him awkwardly trying loads of different moves.

    Runner-up is AJ's dance moves, of course.

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