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Honey Boo Boo, 16, goes fresh faced in new photo after she's criticized for wearing ‘fake lashes & too much makeup’ | The Sun

ALANA "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson has gone fresh-faced in a new photo after she was criticized for wearing fake lashes and too much makeup.

The former child beauty queen has been accused of overdoing it with over-glamming and has now shown off her natural glow on Instagram.

Alana took to social media to share a snap beside her sister Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon.

Pumpkin was standing beside a stroller occupied by one of her newborn twins.

Both of the sisters wore plain logo t-shirts, bike shorts and tennis shoes.

Alana kept it simple with a make-up free face and her hair up in a bun.

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She captioned her post: "We got invited to Fat Sal's Deli last night and it was delicious! First visit and we'll definitely be going back when we're in town."

Now that Alana is going out with a fresh face, one fan commented: "Alana, you look amazing!"

Another remarked: "Kind of refreshing that these girls don't need to be all made up to get in front of a camera."

A third posted: "Gorgeous ladies."

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Alana stepped out on the town with her make-up-free look after she was slammed for over-doing her lashes.

Recently, the young star clapped back on TikTok for fans giving her hate.

The 16-year-old had her comeback on TikTok in a black-and-white filter video response.

In the brief clip, the Mama June: Road to Redemption star stared directly at the camera while addressing an onscreen statement.

"Everyone: You really shouldn't wear them long lashes & nails! It's really unprofessional for you."

She responded with a lip-synched answer.

"Me: I literally told you chitlin eating b***hes, the girls that get it, get it. And the girls that don't, don't."

Her fans on TikTok seemed to "get it," agreeing with her in the comments section.


Alana, who is now being raised by her older sister Pumpkin after she was granted full custody, has fans concerned as they think she is trying to act beyond her age.

In recent photos obtained by The Sun, Alana wore a pink T-shirt and black shorts.

Her hair looked natural although she applied fake eyelashes and long fake nails.

She also wore heavy makeup on her face.

The family photos circulated online but many fans were too distracted by Alana's appearance to focus on the newborns included in the snap.

One fan wrote: "Alana's lashes are a lot – and her nails!"

Another added: "It's hard to look at anything but Alana's ridiculous lashes."


Alana looked natural in her TikTok slam as she dictched the fake lashes and makeup.

She also decided to go all-natural in a separate video she posted to promote a meet and greet for fans while in California.

The TV personality held the camera selfie-style as she spoke to her follower, wearing a striped shirt in the black and white filtered video.

"Hi everyone! So if you want a chance to meet us while we are in Cali, we are having a meet & greet especially for you guys," she said the time.

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One fan took notice of her clean look and posted: "I am super proud of you! Keep doing you Alana and continue to grow up the bright beautiful ray of sunshine that you are! Always keep your head up."

Another said: "You've grown up to be an amazing teenager."

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