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Homes Under the Hammer: ‘It’s your FAULT!’ Martel Maxwell takes swipe at homeowner

Martel, 42, trekked to Horden in County Durham for this morning’s edition of Home Under the Hammer and was joined by brothers Andrew and Chris to discuss one of the properties they owned.

Talking about the dishevelled interior of the property, Martel said: “It was in poor decorative order- it needed the heating upgraded, and also there were signs of more unusual house dwellers,” listing the disadvantages of the property on the BBC programme.

However, the presenter discovered the extent of the property’s unkept interior, speaking to the camera to tell viewers: “Take a look at this. Now, as I’ve been wandering around, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of hay – and, shall we say, pellets around the place.”

With Rabbits have preoccupied the vacant property before bing bought by Andrew and Chris, Martel went on to discuss why the brothers had chosen to renovate this home in particular.

It’s your fault

Martel Maxwell

Martel said: “Despite these bunny marks, the people who jumped at the chance to buy the two-bed terrace house were brothers Andrew and Chris – though it seems their £20,000 auction purchase caught Chris a little off the hop!”

It seemed Chris didn’t realise he had become a home-owner, as the property owner told Martel of his discussion with his brother: “I told him to stay away from it at first, because it’s kind of out of our catchment area for the management of the properties that we’ve got already.

“I then told him I was going to the toilet, and then, when I come back, he wasn’t there. And, yeah, he was sat with the legal pack and had bought it!”

Shocked by Andrew’s move to purchase the dishevelled home, Martel exclaimed: “You’re kidding me!” to which Andrew said defending himself: “He went to the toilet!”

Turning to Chris, Martel took a lighthearted swipe at Chris, telling him: “It’s your fault!” as if he’d stayed with his brother, they may not have become owners of the property he was strongly opposed to.

After meeting with the brothers, Martel explained: “Schoolteacher Andrew’s spur-of-the-moment purchase meant it was a house neither of them had seen or knew much about.”

The presenter continued: “Brother Chris, who is a fireman by profession, wasn’t going to be rushing to his aid, planning to leave the bulk of the work to Andrew on an agreed £4,000 to £6,000 budget with a four to six week timescale.

“Then the plan was to sell the house on.”

Jumping ahead six months, the house looked like a completely different property as viewers were given a glimpse of the renovation work Andrew had managed to achieve.

Martel said: “Now six months have ticked on. With a new central heating system, freshly decorated, new carpets, the house has seen a definite improvement.”

Andrew spoke about the work undertaken to take the property from a dishevelled space into a potential loving home, a purchase his brother Chris would’ve have been somewhat happier to have made.

“The hardest part of the project was finding time. When we were here, there was nothing difficult about renovating the property,” Andrew explained.

“It was just getting here and the travelling. I’ve learned a lesson there, not to buy a property so far away,” the property owner joked.

Martel remarked: “Never underestimate distance when you’re buying a house that needs refurbishment work.”

Speaking of his brother’s reaction to the renovation, Andrew said: “He’s barred us from ever going to an auction again, but, yeah, he’s fairly happy with it as well.”

This comes after Homes Under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts, 55, issued a warning to potential home owners of buying a property by the coast.

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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