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Hollywood's Notable Deaths of 2021 (Photos)

A look at all the stars in movies, TV, music, sports and media we’ve lost so far this year

A look at all the stars in movies, TV, music, sports and media we’ve lost this year

Mike Fenton  •  The “E.T.” and “Back to the Future” casting director died Jan. 1. He was 85 years old.

Joan Micklin Silver  •  The director best known for the films “Hester Street” and “Crossing Delancey” died Jan. 1 due to vascular dementia. She was 85.

Gerry Marsden  •  Gerry Marsden, lead singer of the British pop band Gerry and the Pacemakers, died Jan. 3 after an infection of the heart. He was 78.

Kerry Vincent  •  “Food Network Challenge” judge and cake designing expert Kerry Vincent passed away Jan. 4. She was 75 years old.

Barbara Shelley  •  “Dr. Who” actress and “Queen of Hammer” horror film star Barbara Shelley died Jan. 4. She was 88.

Tanya Roberts  •  Former Bond Girl and star of “A View to Kill,” “Charlie’s Angels” and “That 70s Show,” Tanya Roberts, was confirmed dead Jan. 5 after initial erroneous reports that she had passed away and then was still alive. Roberts died of a urinary tract infection that spread to other organs. She was 65 years old.

Eric Jerome Dickey  •  Renowned author Eric Jerome Dickey, whose 29 works included “Sister, Sister,” died Jan. 5 after a battle with cancer. He was 59. 

Neil Sheehan  •  Acclaimed journalist, Pentagon Papers leaker and Pulitzer Prize winner Neil Sheehan died Jan. 7 from complications of Parkinson’s Disease. He was 84. 

Marion Ramsey  • Marion Ramsey, best known for playing soft-spoken Officer Laverne Hooks in the “Police Academy” franchise, died on Jan. 7 in her Los Angeles home. She was 73.

Dearon ” Deezer D” Thompson  •  Actor and rapper Deezer D died Jan. 8 at his home in Los Angeles. The former “ER” star was 55. 

Tommy Lasorda  •  Tommy Lasorda, who spent 71 seasons playing with and managing the Los Angeles Dodgers, died Jan. 8. He was 93. 

Dave Creek  •  Dave Creek, lead character designer who’d worked on FOX’s “Bob’s Burgers” show since it debuted in 2011, died Jan. 8 after a skydiving accident. He was 42. 
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