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Holly Willoughby in hysterics as she praises woman for saving 11-year-old goldfish’s life with Heimlich manoeuvre – The Sun

HOLLY Willoughby was in hysterics today as she praised a woman for saving an 11-year-old goldfish's life with the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Kharis Harvey saved her beloved pet's life when it started choking on a small pebble in its tank.

Explaining her heroic efforts, Kharis said: "I don't know what told me to do it, it was extinct.

"I gently put my hands around her, either side of her stomach area and just gave three little squeezes."on the third squeeze a pebble shot out of her mouth."

Holly was baffled by the story and laughed as she imagined the moment in her head.

She said: "It's a miracle. I've heard of lots of things, but never have I heard of this in my life."

Holly told Kharis: "Well done for keeping such a clear head. You saved Gilly's life.

"For one, well done for keeping a goldfish alive for 11 years and even more well done for giving a goldfish a heimlich manoeuvre. It's incredible."

It was a varied This Morning show today as the hosts returned to work after being classed as “essential workers” with a role to play in helping the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

Phillip Schofield has already said the show is hanging on by a thread as they scale down the number of crew and cameras on set.

Today he feared This Morning would drop off air “at any moment” after an alarm set off panic in the studio.

He alerted viewers that a silent fire alarm was going off in the studio and the programme could be forced to end early.

Thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm.

Returning from the break, concerned Phil said: “We should explain that if we go off… talk about holding on by your fingertips here…

“There’s now a fire alarm with amber lights going off at the moment. We know what it means, we don’t have to evacuate, but if we suddenly go off that’s why.”

Holly reassured viewers, adding: “We’re safe for the moment so we’re going along with the guidelines.”

Later Phil said: “It was a false alarm. It was steam in the cleaner’s cupboard. Stop doing this to us…

“It’s up and down it’s up and down.”

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