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Grocery Joe and Serena Pitt's 'Ship Timeline During (and After!) 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Unhinged mess. Deranged social experiment. Absolute chaos that society can’t turn away from. These are all words I’d comfortably use to describe the current season of Bachelor in Paradise. And yet! While most of this season has focused on cakes dramatically being thrown into fires, Boom Boom Room drama, and Brendan Morais wondering how many followers he’d get (answer: he lost over 20k), this season has a ton cute couples. Or, more like three cute couples if I’m being generous. But one of them is most definitely Grocery Store Joe and Serena Pitt!

Joe and Serena made a connection on day one, and it looked like they’d be making a bee-line toward Neil Lane’s giant pile of princess cut diamond rings, but uh…producers ended up inviting Joe’s ex Kendall Long onto the beach and everything’s taken a turn for the oof. The thing is, even though we know what’s going to happen thanks to spoilers, we’re still in need of a full timeline, including a brief recap of Joe and Kendall’s relationship, and a look at where things stand with Joe and Serena literally right now.

Pre-Bachelor in Paradise

Summer 2018

Joe and Kendall meet on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, and while they initially split before the season ended, they get back together ahead of the reunion special. And then things take a turn for the super serious.

April 2019

Joe and Kendall move in together post-Paradise, which should give you a pretty good idea of just how serious they are (er, were). Joe’s social posts from this time have been scrubbed, but Kendall’s post about their move-in is still up:

A post shared by Kendall Long (@itskendalllong)

January 2020

These two live together for less than a year before breaking up. Here’s what they said in a joint statement:

A post shared by Kendall Long (@itskendalllong)

^ The way they were.😥

May 2020

Fans catch Joe and Kendall having sushi together months after their breakup, and Joe even admits that they talk literally every single day:

October 2020

Matt James’ season films at Nemacolin, and Serena joins the cast! She makes it all the way to Matt’s final 4, and then ends up leaving the show, telling him, “I think that it just comes down to the fact that I don’t think that you’re my person.”

May 2021

Ahead of Bachelor in Paradise filming, Kendall goes on the Almost Famous podcast and basically says she had no interest in joining the show because being there with Joe would be too hard: “I would not want to watch him fall in love with someone else. That would suck so much…. I would just be signing up for another heartbreak.”

Bachelor in Paradise

June 5 (to June 26), 2021

Reality Steve reports that production on Bachelor in Paradise has begun in Mexico, with Yahoo! confirming that filming wrapped up on June 26. Joe and Serena bond during production, but Kendall definitely also shows up so…let’s dig in.

August 2021

Joe sulks around and thinks about leaving Paradise due to all the KENDALL EMOTIONS, but then he meets Serena and they immediately hit it off:

They even go on this cute date:

September 2021

But then Kendall shows up in Paradise and makes it more than clear she’s still in love with Joe and wants him back. But she also kinda says she’s looking for closure? Anyway, poor Joe is deeply confused and tells cameras he doesn’t know if he still loves Kendall.

But he also tells Serena that she’s his priority!

However, as we can tell from the following preview, things are poised to get deeply awkward between these three as the season progresses. Not only do we hear Kendall say “It feels overwhelming to see Joe kissing someone else,” we see Joe tell Serena “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


This is where spoilers come in, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know where Joe and Serena are now!

Post-Bachelor in Paradise

Thanks to Reality Steve, we know Grocery Joe and Serena get engaged! The spoiler source also reveals that he’s “pretty sure they’re still together”—and it looks like there’s proof. Let’s take things back to…

August 30, 2021

Obviously Bachelor in Paradise is airing at this point, but it’s also done filming. Meaning Joe and Serena are potentially together IRL. Actually, their costar Abigail Heringer went ahead and accidentally spoiled as much by writing THIS on Serena’s poolside pic:

September 7, 2021

On top of Abigail’s comment, fans think Joe and Serena were hanging out over the weekend thanks to her posting THIS photo mentioning a coffee run:

A post shared by Serena Pitt (@serena_pitt)

And him posting THIS photo holding coffee:

A post shared by Joe Amabile (@joeamabile1)

Hmmm…..can’t wait to watch things develop throughout the rest of the season. And don’t worry, you better believe we’ll be (somewhat obsessively) updating this timeline with the latest.

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