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'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Need to Stop Watching the Glorified ABC Soap Opera

Are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy? If so, you are not alone. It is estimated that in 2020 it was one of the most popular shows streaming over Netflix and that approximately 15 million people tune in to watch each episode on digital or television platforms. However, there are people who say that fans need to stop watching all the drama on this glorified ABC soap opera, and with, perhaps, good reason for it.

For the love of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Now that Grey’s Anatomy is entering its 18th season, the fan base for it is undeniable. It is the longest-running medical drama ever. It shows the progression of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) as she goes from intern to skilled surgeon at Seattle Grace/Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Along the way, cast members have come and gone, some quite tragically. Others have simply moved on to other places and spinoffs of the original show.

As one of the longest-running shows, we have to wonder what is the draw? 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What is it that keeps us coming back for more?

This is a tricky question. For most people who love Grey’s Anatomy, it is a wide range of extreme storylines. From mass shootings, to ferry boat crashes, hijacked hospitals, and everything in between. There is even a two-part show titled, ‘It’s the End of the World’ and ‘As We Know It’, respectively. They take place in season two. In these shows, Meredith puts her hand in a body cavity that is holding a bomb and there are several other stories going on at the same time.

The drama knows no boundaries. You never know what is coming when Grey’s Anatomy comes on. As pointed out by TV Insider, Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) even nicknamed the hospital “Seattle Grace Mercy Death”.

Simply put, we love it because it’s good TV. It’s an appealing drama. And though we hope that scenarios like this would never happen in a hospital that we would go to, it is still something that appeals to us.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, there is a downside to Grey’s Anatomy. It is one that many people say should be enough to make us stop watching it.

Unrealistic expectations abound

We have all seen young George as a first-year surgeon tackle an appendectomy. In real life, this does not happen. If your heart stops beating, you will not be hit with a defibrillator. As pointed out by The List, ‘The defibrillator is actually meant for people who have an irregular heart rhythm’. Instead of the defibrillator, if your heart stops beating, your doctor will perform chest compressions.

One of the biggest reasons we should stop watching is the unrealistic expectations that it may provide us with. When you enter an emergency room, you will not be greeted by a surgeon, you will not see a doctor every couple of minutes, and you should not expect to be always their top priority. If it turns out that you need life-saving care or surgery, you will be taken care of, but you shouldn’t expect your surgeons to be the ones to wheel you to the operating room.

The truth behind ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The truth is, there is very little truth to the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. It is nothing more than a glorified ABC soap opera for those who enjoy watching them at night.

You can watch, and enjoy the show, but you have to keep in mind that it is a show. Whether you love it or hate it, you should not let it become something that you base your health decisions on. You should also never imagine that you will be treated in the same way that patients who visit Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are treated.

Your real-life doctor will do all that they can for you, but not every doctor will be hot and/or solely devoted to your care.

Quite the contrary, because most real-life doctors are focusing more on preparing and doing paperwork than they are holding your hand or feeling up nurses (or other surgeons) in the on-call rooms.

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