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Gordon Ramsay uses favourite F-word over 200 times on new show

GORDON Ramsay has garnished his new show with a feast of swearing.

The celebrity cook uses his favourite F-word – not food – on 212 occasions in Uncharted.

He also said bloody 45 times, s*** 27 and a**e 11 with a total of 302 expletives used.

It only takes him 16 seconds to turn their air blue in the first episode set in Tasmania and within the opening 30 seconds he swore four times.

At one point, whilst fishing in the south of the US, he said: “I’m in the marshes in South Louisiana where we’re collecting crawfish traps and so far the haul is as bad as my language.”

In his new National Geographic show Uncharted, which airs on September 16, Gordon travels the world over seven 44 minute episodes — meaning he swears on average once a minute — to explore different cuisines.

He leaps from a helicopter in South Africa, explores a bat-infested cave in Indonesia, plunges into freezing water in Norway and fishes for piranhas in Guyana.

Ahead of a new daytime show Culinary Genius in 2017 he vowed to give up swearing.

He said: “Mum’s already told me her friends will be watching — it’s P and Qs please.

“I’ve never been on afternoon TV before. So f* knows what it’s going to be like.

"I’m really excited about coming up with alternatives to swear words.”

In the same year his eldest daughter Matilda insisted he did not curse at home.

Back in 2009 his F-word show on Channel 4 came under fire from Ofcom for the “sheer intensity” of swearing when the word “f***” featured more than 100 times in 40 minutes.

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