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Gogglebox sparks further uproar over X-rated scene ‘I will not be watching again’

Gogglebox stars react to X-rated duck scene

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Each week, the Gogglebox stars sit down to watch a variety of programmes. But the stars were far from prepared to watch the X-rated scene from Roar which involved a duck performing a sex act. The scene was first shown two weeks ago and Ofcom received 149 complaints from viewers. However, the Channel 4 show has now racked up even more complaints.

Those catching up on Gogglebox have been left disgusted by the erotic scene and the series now has 217 complaints.

The moment comes from the episode titled The Woman Who Was Fed By a Duck.

The duck wants to repay the woman for taking care of it and uses its beak to pleasure her as she lies on the floor.

Gogglebox made light of the moment on its Twitter account, posting a clip from the show and writing: “You’ll never think of a duck’s beak the same way… #Roar #Gogglebox.”

In the clip, Gyles told his wife Mary: “The duck can’t physically…”

“Well he can Nutty, he can use his beak…” Mary replied. “As a penetrative tool.”

Horrified, Gyles gasped: “No! No!” as he continued watching the explicit moment.

Viewers shared their thoughts online with many saying they would not be watching again and claiming the show has “gone downhill”.

Debbie tweeted: “Beastiality might be what you lot at C4 want to watch but keep that one to yourselves please.

“That sh*t was uncalled for and unnecessary when there were plenty of other shows you could have covered. Show is going downhill fast! Shame.”

Dawn agreed: “That was disgusting, glad my grandkids weren’t staying that Friday but will be this Friday.

“I love watching gogglebox but anything like that on again I will not be watching again , we’ll done the inventor of the remote control.” (sic)

Pat Field complained: “Show has lost any vestige of sensitivity exposing Mary to this!”

Patricia Timberley added: “Am done with it” as Emma Stamp shared: “Traumatised.”

Kathy Chandler explained she was glad she watched alone: “The next day and I’m still in shock completely unnecessary.

“I sometimes watch the show with my teenage son thank god we didn’t last night!!!”

Lynsey demanded to know: “What the actual F!!! This was absolutely shocking, who in their right mind would actually watch this cr*p, how the hell did it even get made!!

“Cmon #Gogglebox plenty of programs to choose from.”

Meanwhile, Shirley Griffiths shared explicit details about her husband Dave on the latest instalment.

While discussing Romeo and Duet, she remarked: “You’d be no good love, cos you haven’t got no girth, have you?”

Gogglebox airs Friday on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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