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GMB's Alex Beresford shuts down angry guest screaming about caravans blocking his '£70k Jaguar' in debate over curfews

GOOD MORNING Britain's Alex Beresford was forced to shut down an angry guest today during a debate about whether there should be a curfew on the use of caravans on the road.

Radio presenter Mike Parry raged at people who love caravans comparing the vehicles to like "being in jail" and saying the slow-moving motors blocked his £70,000 Jaguar on country lanes.

Alex, 40, was leading the ITV breakfast show with Charlotte Hawkins today during the debate on the new restrictions that may include a curfew and distance limits – stopping caravan lovers from transporting the mobile homes for any reason beyond a certain time.

Although no time frames have been suggested, this would could be from around 9pm to 7am.

Radio presenter and journalist Mike launched into a scathing attack on caravaners – wagging his finger at the screen as his voice grew louder.

He raged: "When we all got out of the second world war and my parents didn't have any money, they took us on a caravan holiday. I've never had a more miserable existence in my life.

"I don't understand how a human being can exist in a little tin can, four human beings in a tin can because that's what it is, it's like hamsters in a sandwich bin. It's like people crushing themselves together in a situation that you wouldn't even welcome if you were in jail.

"Have you ever been to a caravan site? All you see is these knackered old cars which drag these old caravans around. And people have this urge to convince everybody they're enjoying themselves. They only wear shorts, they don't even wear proper clothes."

Alex begged Mike to "breath, breath, take a breath" and turned to 80s pop star Sonia Evans who said caravan holidays were a lovely bonding experience, but Mike shouted over her.

Mike added: "Sonia what about the fact you have to get your caravan to the beauty spot you're going to?

"I believe in live and let live, but not when I'm in my £70,000 Jaguar behind the caravan. I'm not a snob, I regard three star hotels as camping but I just like to be comfortable when I go on holiday."

Alex – who previously clashed with Piers Morgan on GMB – stopped him again and said: "Mike, Mike, Mike, we need to talk to Sonia mate, you're doing too much finger pointing, you're fired!"

Viewers reacted to the debate in droves and slammed Mike for bragging about his riches.

One viewer tweeted: "Mike Parry – what a stuck up, toffee nose t**t. Get off my screen"

Another raged: "Mike is a total moron. What a joyless, horrid b*****d. Whyever did anyone put him on the telly"

Sonia ended the debate saying: "He should just stay in his £70 grand Jag and have a bit of patience."

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