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'General Hospital': Cameron Mathison Finally Returns As Drew Cain

General Hospital fans can finally see Cameron Mathison’s return to daytime television. The soap opera veteran is coming back to Port Charles as Drew Cain. Also, Sonny and Carly’s daughter Donna is “all grown up” and a TikTok superstar is assuming the role.

Drew Cain is finally on ‘General Hospital’

Though there was some speculation about his character, it was recently officially confirmed that Cameron Mathison will be playing Drew Cain on General Hospital.

SoapHub confirms that Jason’s twin brother and Sam’s ex-husband will be making his return to Port Charles this week. The exact airdates are subject to change, but Mathison is definitely going to be causing drama on GH.

This is especially true when you consider that everyone thought Drew died in a plane crash back in 2014. He’ll certainly have a lot of explaining to do.

Sonny and Carly’s daughter, Donna, is being played by a TikTok superstar

General Hospital is definitely joining the 21st century with this latest bit of casting news.

Carly and Sonny’s daughter Donna is now “all grown up” and TikTok superstar Ava Rose (née Ava Rose Beaune) is joining the cast to play the young adult Donna!

Back in March 2021, Ava Rose made headlines when she announced that she was “walking away” from the popular social media platform. According to Vice, she was the victim of extreme cyber-bullying, which made her leave TikTok. But it’s nice to see she’s back on her feet.

Other “GH” comings and goings

General Hospital fans are still wondering when Rebecca Budig will return to the show as Hayden. While all the clues point to her return being all but imminent, nothing has been confirmed by either the network or the actors.

Unfortunately, when Hayden does return to Port Charles, she won’t be able to see her mother. As fans of the show already know, Gigi Bermingham — who played Naomi on the show — has wrapped up her special guest stint. As such, Naomi has been killed off of the show.

We also don’t know, yet, when soap opera veteran Charles Shaughnessy will return to GH, although we do know that it will be sometime in September. His character has also not yet been announced. We will keep you posted with any developments.

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