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GB News Kirsty Gallacher says Chris Whitty park video is not disturbing

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GB News host Kirsty Gallacher has said she doesn't feel that the footage of Chris Whitty being pursued in the park by two men is "disturbing".

This comes after the news host, 45, discussed the newly-emerged footage with Darren McCaffrey on the start-up British news channel after two men were filmed grabbing onto the Chief Medical Officer.

In the video, a worried looking Professor Chris Whitty, 55, was seen desperately trying to wriggle free from the two men who appeared to grab the scientist around the neck.

According to officers the nerve-wracking incident happened at St James's Park in central London, and the Metropolitan Police have confirmed they are aware of the video which has been shared across Twitter and Facebook and have been in touch with the scientist.

Following the footage, some have called for the government adviser to be awarded police protection, with Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi describing the footage as "disgusting".

However, while she admitted the video is "uncomfortable to watch", Kirsty added: "I don't think it's massively disturbing, personally.

"He’s being harassed and what we didn’t know, and what you don’t know, is in those situations they might have something on them, like a knife – something bad could happen at that close proximity. But they’re clearly inebriated. But I think it definitely calls for now some protection for people like Whitty."

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Her co-presenter Darren also spoke about Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi's statement, which read: "This is disgusting and these thugs must be found and charged. Zero tolerance for harassing a public servant."

Darren said: "I don't think they're necessarily thugs," and Kirsty agreed, replying: "They're not thugs."

Darren continued, saying: "They're just drunkards."

"Clearly I think that what they’ve done, it’s not very nice, but when you’re drunk, you don’t do necessarily [nice] things. I don’t think they’re harassing him."

Kirsty then proceeded to say: "They’re not really being very nasty are they?" after a re-watch of the footage, adding: "The point is, something worse could have happened.

"This can escalate and we don’t want to see this more and more."

Darren actually weighed in against the Vaccine Minister, saying he "disagrees" with him before he said: "I don’t think they’re thugs, I don’t think it was harassment. I think they were probably quite drunk, they saw someone they recognised and got a bit excited.

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"In saying that, clearly he feels really uncomfortable with the situation – ideally you wouldn’t do something like this."

The footage showed the pair of boys shouting "oi, oi!" and "one photo please" while the scientist looks visibly anxious.

The scientist had been walking alone through the London park when he was pursued, and the blokes kept following him and putting the camera in his face when he tried to get away.

The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating the incident in St James' park, London, and said the officers spoke to all those involved and took their details.

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