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Furious Big Brother fans ‘calling Ofcom’ and demand housemates are kicked off the show for bullying | The Sun

ANGRY Big Brother viewers are threatening to complain to Ofcom in their droves and want four housemates kicked off the show.

Tensions in the divided house have been at boiling point for days, with many claiming Trish and Noky are being bullied.

Last night viewers finally snapped and said enough is enough as Tom, Jenkin, Olivia and Chanelle once again took issue with the former, branding her loud and aggressive.

There was concern for Noky's welfare too as viewers watched Tom and Olivia brazenly dismissing her by performing, what some interpreted as, threatening gestures to one another as she spoke.

One viewer fumed on X: "Can you chat to your counterpart @bbuk cah at this point they're bullying my good sis Trish."

Another raged: "Again, why should we sit here and allow you guys to overlook the bigotry and bullying that's happening in the house? I can't continue to watch this unless they get pulled up."



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A third said: "Tom, Jenkins, Tom, Olivia and Chanelle need to be evicted sorry."

A fourth wrote: "If someone calls Trish aggressive one more time I’m calling OFCOM."

Any hopes that Paul and Dylan's evictions on Friday night would end the rift in the house were sorely mistaken.

In fact it only exacerbated it, with devastated Olivia and Tom blaming Trish and Noky for their departure.

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Prior to the double elimination, producers were forced to secretly put the house on lockdown amid an explosive fight.

Worried execs forced the two groups apart and locked one half into the bedroom to keep feisty Paul, who was behind the angry outburst, and Trish away from each other. 

Big Brother had security on standby as they tried to defuse the situation in case the row became physical.

After leaving the housemates in lockdown for over an hour, execs were able to calm down a raging Paul. 

A source said: “Everyone talks about Fight Night in 2004 but no one expected this year’s sanitised cohort to be a contender for Fight Night 2.0. 

“Big Brother acted fast to stop things becoming physical and pulled the rival groups apart, locking one half in the bedroom. 

“Security were on standby but luckily a lock and key was enough to stop things becoming physical.

“It’s fair to say tensions in that house are reaching fever pitch.”

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