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Fuming Love Island fans spot Brads shameless repeated chat-up line on Lucinda

Brad McClelland has left Love Island fans seeing red after they caught him using the same chat-up line on one of the new girls in the villa.

It comes after Brad's head was turned immediately by blonde bombshells Lucinda and Millie who entered the villa on Tuesday night.

Brad has been coupled up with Rachel since she chose to save him and send home Chuggs – with Brad telling her that she was "more his type" than any other of the girls on the show.

However, to the dismay of many, Brad was quick to use virtually the exact same line on new girl – fashion boutique owner Lucinda Strafford.

Lucinda said: "She's your type though, right?" to which Brad hastily replied: "Well you're more my type", claiming that seeing her was the first time he'd really been attracted to someone in the villa.

After the girls took off and enjoyed a brunch in Tuesday's episode, the boys were in for a shock when Lucinda and Millie rocked up at the villa.

When asked by the girls if he was settled in his couple, he quickly answered: "I'm not" which prompted the boys to burst out laughing during Brad's hasty change of heart.

Then, Brad took to the Beach Hut where he confessed: "Both lasses are both stunning but, my days, that Lucinda is…[exhales]”.

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However, many fans took to Twitter to air their anger, with one furious viewer tweeting: "Brad saying this is the first time he’s been like “wow” over a girls acting like he didn’t have a full on stroke when Rachel walked in.

"Get in the bin you wet wipe".

A second fan wrote: "God I'm cringing so hard seeing Brad pull the same "for the first time I'm seeing someone that's my type in here" line. These men are too shameless."

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A third fan penned: "Brad is saying the same thing he said to Rachel."


A fifth then agreed, and was convinced Brad had simply been acting to win over Rachel, saying: "That reaction for Rachel was all show cause he knew he needed her to pick him. He's a player".

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