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From unicorns to aliens draining her brain, Scarlett Moffatt’s strangest beliefs – The Sun

SCATTY Scarlett Moffatt was known for her outspoken views on Channel 4 reality show Gogglebox.

Now she is sharing some of her weirder ideas in a BBC Sounds podcast, Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe, with her policeman boyfriend Scott Dobinson.

The 29-year-old presenter said: “I’m obsessed with conspiracy theories but Scott’s a non-believer. We talk about everything from aliens to mermaids.”

Here Sarah Arnold explores some of her more Moff-the-wall theories . . .

MERMAIDS EXIST: Scarlett says: “Well, we don’t know which bit’s the fish. It could be that this bit’s the fish (points to face and upper body) and this bit’s the human. We don’t know, we haven’t delved that far into the ocean.”

EGYPT’S GIZA PYRAMID WAS BUILT BY TIME TRAVELLERS: Scarlett says: “I reckon people from the future have travelled back in time to build the pyramid.”

HIEROGLYPHICS ARE EMOJIS: Scarlett says: “Everyone thinks that hieroglyphics are really old but if you think about how the world’s going now, I think they are just emojis. I think everybody in the future has stopped talking to each other and we all just use emojis.

“There’s a little helicopter hieroglyph, there’s one that looks like UFOs, there’s one that looks like a light bulb.”

PAUL McCARTNEY IS A REPLACEMENT: Scarlett says: “Well, I don’t know if he is dead, but there is a lot of evidence in The Beatles’ songs that says he’s been replaced.”

KEANU REEVES IS AN IMMORTAL BEING: Scarlett says: “If you look back in history books there’s so many people, counts and really high-up people that look exactly like Keanu Reeves. Let’s be honest, he hasn’t really aged, has he?”

MAN DIDN’T LAND ON THE MOON: Scarlett says: “There’s just too much evidence we didn’t go. How can you say that Neil Armstrong went up to the moon in a little spaceship just for the craic but another planet can’t send someone here?”

SCARLETT HAS MET BRAIN-PROBING ALIENS: She says: “I really wanted to meet an alien and it was two nights before Christmas and this big flash of light came through my window and being ten, at first I was like, ‘Is Santa early?’ or ‘Is this an alien?’

“And then it felt like a dream but I was definitely visited by aliens. Now I don’t know if it was a really good dream that I remember getting probed. They go into your brain and take all the information out . . .  or if it really happened.

"Or if the aliens just want me to believe it was a dream. They didn’t look like ET.”

BEYONCE AND JAY Z ARE IN SECRET SOCIETY THE ILLUMINATI: Scarlett says: “I just sit for hours, like, ‘Have you seen this about Beyoncé and Jay Z and the Illuminati?’”

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