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Farrah Abraham’s mom brands former Teen Mom costars ‘unfortunate’ for ‘not earning an income without MTV’

FARRAH Abraham’s mom Debra Danielsen branded her former Teen Mom OG costars “unfortunate” for “not earning an income without MTV.”

Farrah, 30, starred alongside Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell until her firing from the show in 2017. 

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During her time on Teen Mom OG and after, Farrah ran businesses and focused on her schooling. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Debra slammed the stars of the show, which now include Cheyenne Floyd and Mackenzie McKee, for allegedly not focusing on careers outside of the series. 

Debra said: “It’s unfortunate if they don’t develop or invest in themselves because the show won’t go on until they’re 65. They need to do something where they can generate income and have a life after reality TV. 

“I would encourage other people on the show to look at Farrah, even though they hate her, step back and say, ‘I should go to school or take a class? What can I do to earn an income without MTV here anymore?'”

During Farrah’s time on Teen Mom OG, she opened Texas-based yogurt shop Froco Fresh Frozen, which lasted just two years. 

Farrah opened Texas stores Furnished by Farrah and Sophia Laurent Children's Boutique 2016. 

She closed them in 2018 and was sued by the landlord for failing to pay the remaining rent on the two lease agreements. 

The Sun exclusively reported a Texas judge granted the landlord’s request, ordering F&S By Farrah, Inc. and Farrah Abraham to pay the $641,997.01, $30,839.50 and $369.21 amounts for a total of $673,205.72. 

Other business ventures included a line of sex toys, a stint in the adult film industry, Mom & Me brand Italian pepper sauce and wine, modeling, acting and reality show gigs, Instagram ads and more. 

She recently announced she will be running for a government position.

Farrah attended The Los Angeles Film School and graduated in September 2019.

Her LinkedIn reads of other education: “Farrah Abraham has a dynamic honorable education foundation graduating with honors prior dual associate degree in culinary arts and management.”

The mom of Sophia, 12, posted on LinkedIn in May that she is working towards a Master of Liberal Arts from the Creative Writing and Literature Graduate Program at Harvard.

Farrah's Harvard credentials were removed from LinkedIn after she "couldn't prove" that she is attending the Ivy League.

But with her alleged Ivy League credentials back up on the professional networking site, her mom Debra previously to The Sun that her daughter has “receipts” to prove her enrollment. 

Debra previously said: “Farrah is doing online classes at Harvard to further her entertainment career. It’s not to be an actress. It’s to do production, writing, storytelling, directing and more. 

“She sent in the receipts to LinkedIn to show she paid for the classes. It’s back up on her LinkedIn. She’s definitely enrolled.”

Debra added that her daughter is “not on the campus” and is “doing classes online.”

She shot back at those who questioned her daughter: “A lot of haters don't know what Harvard offers online. I can see where people get confused. Harvard offers online classes and they do specialize in entertainment classes. Most people think of law school or business school. Harvard makes you buckle down and focus!”

Despite Debra's comments, the stars ofTeen Mom OG have attempted and succeeded to seek careers outside of reality TV. 

Maci, 29, and her husband Taylor McKinney currently run clothing line TTM Lifestyle.

She also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Chattanooga State Community College in media technology. 

Catelynn, 29, and her husband Tyler Baltierra owned children’s clothing line Tierra Reign, which is seemingly out of business. 

On the most recent reason, Catelynn began working as a microblade specialist. 

Amber, 31, also tried her hand at a clothing collection with business Forever Haute, but it has been defunct for years now. 

She was recently accepted to Purdue University for psychology. 

Mackenzie, 26, runs fitness company Body by Mac, which she expanded after moving to Florida with her husband Josh and three children. 

Cheyenne, 28, has expressed a desire to begin an event planning business. 

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in public relations from Hampton University. 

Farrah is on the outs with her former costars after years of feuding.

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