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Every Game of Thrones season 8 death

Here we are. Two episodes remain. And the body count for Game of Thrones‘ final season has been…surprisingly low.

That’s not to say there haven’t been significant deaths, though. After two episodes of calm-before-the-storm, several fan favorites and longtime supporting players have been picked off, presaging what’s sure to be an all-time bloodbath in Thrones‘ final two installments. (Then again, we’ve been wrong before.)

Read on for a roundup of the deceased thus far in season 8. And if you’re not caught up 1) why aren’t you and 2) spoilers follow.

Ned Umber

The first major casualty of the season, the pint-sized Lord of Last Hearth was pinned to the wall of his castle in a gruesome display, courtesy of the Army of the Dead.

Dolorous Edd

And now his watch is ended. The last brother of the Night’s Watch went down protecting Samwell Tarly during the Battle of Winterfell.

Lyanna Mormont 

The fierce Lady of Bear Island got an appropriately fierce finish, killing a wight giant with a stab in the eye as it crushed her to death.

Beric Dondarrion 

The Lord of Light could only do so much for him in the end. The oft-resurrected Beric died for the seventh and final time fending off wights in pursuit of Arya and the Hound–which, as many fans have pointed out, was what allowed the battle to be won. (See below.)

Theon Greyjoy 

Theon got his shot at redemption and pulled it off, perishing in a noble attempt to protect Bran–er, the Three-Eyed Raven–from the Night King. And Bran even told him he was a good man!

Ser Jorah Mormont

Ser Jorah, too, died with honor and dignity–something that’s all too rare in Westeros–protecting the Dragon Queen he always loved. Dany’s postmortem whisper to him ranks among Thrones‘ most tender moments.

The Night King 

All hail Arya Stark for taking down the White Walkers’ mysterious leader, and with him the entire Army of the Dead, including the Night King’s undead steed Viserion.


The Red Woman returned just long enough to help the living prevail over the dead, then removed the magical necklace preserving her youthful appearance, and walked off into the snow to die a peaceful disintegration.


And then there was one. Euron Greyjoy took out another of Dany’s beloved dragons in brutal fashion with the biggest crossbows known to man.


Poor Missandei. Dany’s most loyal and trusted companion was the only member of her entourage to be captured (somehow) and became the latest casualty of Cersei’s cruelty, beheaded at the hands (and sword) of the Mountain.

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