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Escape to the Chateaus Dick and Angel speak out on staffing ‘concern’: Scrabbled around

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Channel 4 viewers have been watching Angel Adoree and her husband Dick Strawbridge renovate their 45-room chateau for several years. In the couple’s latest video on their website, they recalled when they first began hosting weddings following the first season of Escape to the Chateau. During the candid interview, filmed in Château de la Motte-Husson, they revealed they were understaffed and “running around ragged”. 

The couple discussed booking their first wedding at the picturesque venue for a client who was friends with Angel. 

The client, named Charlotte, wanted to book her wedding two years in advance after she had a child but Angel advised her to tie the knot ahead of starting a family with her partner. 

Angel joked: “Get married first because when you have babies it will feel different, trust me.”

So Angel and Charlotte agreed to plan her wedding as soon as she could but Dick reminded her they did not even have wedding contracts in place at the time. 

Angel said she and her family were living “hand to mouth” at that time and rushed to get the wedding sorted for their client. 

She admitted: “As the wedding started to ramp up it did cause a concern that we didn’t have any staff. 

“And we scrabbled around a little bit, yes we scrabbled a bit to be fair.” 

Dick interjected: “We didn’t have a team that knew what was happening, the only people who knew what was happening were us and we were working really hard. 

“By the time we got to Charlotte and Richard’s wedding we had the cameras back because the first series had gone out and people actually watched Escape to the Chateau which we didn’t know because we were prepared to set up a business without the television.”

Angel admitted the show “could have been a complete flop” and was “delighted” that viewers lapped it up. 

She also set the record straight about how production works, explaining: “There is no one telling us we have to do a wedding or people telling us tomatoes are in trend.

“No one knows what is on our minds and no one else pays for [the chateau].” 

Reflecting on Charlotte’s wedding, Angel said: “We did bring in some people and it was wonderful, it was perfect, and I remember it being exactly what Charlotte wanted and I remember having a little bit of a meltdown.”

However, Dick added: “We were running around ragged and working 20-hour days.”

Angel said: “I so wanted it to be perfect – I wanted that experience to be nice for everyone and that is why I am in hospitality.”

She revealed she had a “meltdown” over an ice machine that “could not keep up” and the guests were continually out of ice. 

Dick exclaimed: “You cannot buy bags of ice in France, you cannot.

“We now have a freezer full of ice just in case we need more ice for our Gin.”

Angel said they now have a commercial ice machine so they will “never run out of ice again”.  

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All 4 and the full interview can be streamed on 

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