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Emmerdale’s Robert and Aaron hunt down evil rapist Lee

Emmerdale's Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle are on the hunt for evil rapist Lee in these behind-the-scenes pictures.

In an episode set to air later this month, the couple leave the village to look for the villain in scenes shot in Bramham, near Leeds.

Last month Lee raped Robert's sister Victoria Sugden in an upsetting scene after they met at a club.

Robert and Aaron, known to fans as Robron, plant wanted posters of his face on cars all over the village in the upcoming scenes.

The less-than-subtle posters say 'Lee Posner – rapist' in big red text alongside a picture of his face.

They quiz locals on Lee's whereabouts as they become more and more determined to make him pay for his evil crime.

Victoria has reported Lee to the police, but has been informed it'll be difficult to get a conviction as she got rid of the DNA evidence he left behind.

She was advised to take pregnancy and STI tests, and has tragically discovered she's carrying her rapist's baby.

Emmerdale bosses have warned fans not to miss Robert's bid for revenge.

They told Inside Soap: "Victoria was so traumatised after the assault that she couldn't face a medical examination, and also disposed of the clothes and bed linen from the night in question.

"The idea that Lee might get away with what he did to her doesn't bear thinking about for her or her family, and Robert isn't just the sort of person who can just sit back and do nothing."

Emmerdale airs on Monday night at 7pm on ITV

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