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Emmerdales Meena Jutla confirmed to kill again Leanna was just a warm up’

Emmerdale: Meena will 'get away with it for ages' says Marshall

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ITV soap fans recently saw Emmerdale’s Meena Jutla (played by Paige Sandhu) murder Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger) by pushing her off a bridge. Speaking on Tuesday’s episode of This Morning, soap boss Sharon Marshall confirmed Meena will be continuing her villainous actions in the future. Who could be next?

In recent scenes on Emmerdale, Leanna walked in on Meena rummaging through her things, before the nurse accidentally admitted to killing her best friend.

A chase ensued and Meena brutally shoved the teenager over the bridge before checking her pulse and announcing her dead.

But this is just the beginning for Meena who is set to claim more lives over the next year.

Speaking about the dramatic Emmerdale storyline on This Morning, Sharon Marshall revealed there is going to be more villainous behaviour from Meena.

Eamonn asked: “Is she going to get found out?” And Sharon exclaimed: “No, no, she gets away with it for ages!”

“In fact, she’s helping Liam, she’s consoling him, she’s coming across as a hero.

“She’s got that nurse’s uniform on, everyone trusts her, everyone likes her.

“And I can tell you this murder [Leanna], oh this is just a warm-up,” Sharon teased. “She’s going to be great, great fun.”

Meena is clearly unaffected by her actions and showing a lack of guilt afterwards as she pretended to cry, before shrugging to herself and admitting she felt nothing.

The villain also took a trophy from her victim – the ring Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) gave to Leanna – which she now wears brazenly on a necklace every day.

Some viewers have wondered whether Meena will use the ring later, to frame Jacob.

It wouldn’t be surprising as Meena previously framed the teenager for theft in a bid to get him away from her boyfriend David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden).

As for what is going to happen next, viewers took to Twitter to speculate.

One soap fan wrote: “Could Meena actually end up framing Jacob with the ring if he gets to close to the truth & discovers it’s in fact still missing? Subsequently leading to his arrest for Leanna’s murder? Thereby getting one step closer to having David all to herself potentially? #Emmerdale.”

A second commented: “Loving Meena as a villain. Although Leanna’s death was brutal, I hope that Meena will get up to more murders and deception in her time on #Emmerdale.”

“OMG her death is not being treated as suspicious?! Meena is going to get away with this!! #Emmerdale,” another added.

Others seem to think Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) could be at risk after she shared a kiss with David the night of Leanna’s death.

One fan commented: “The word on the street is victoria will be meena’s next victim let’s hope so #emmerdale.”

Another agreed, adding: “A David/Victoria thing is 100% on the cards but when Meena knows, Victoria needs to be protected at all costs. Thank you. #Emmerdale.”

It comes after the actress who plays Meena spoke out about this new storyline arc.

When asked how to describe Meena, Paige said: “Charismatic, self-obsessed, manipulative.”

And as for what she loves about playing Meena, the actress added: “The best characters are the ones that are so far removed from yourself.

“It’s so much fun to play a character that is on a completely different wavelength to everyone else, who always has a hidden agenda and will do anything to get what she wants.

“Her lack of empathy and her playfulness make her a very exciting character.”

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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