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Emmerdale viewers fear Jacob is in danger as he plots against Maya

Emmerdale viewers fear Jacob Gallagher could be in danger, after he ran away with stepmother Maya Stepney amid their romance being exposed.

Teenager Jacob has been groomed by Maya for months, and recent episodes saw his dad David, Maya’s boyfriend, finally learn the truth, as did Leyla, Tracy and Priya.

After David confronted his son over the affair, unable to see his son was being groomed, Jacob ran away and met Maya, who was on the run, at a hotel.

In Friday’s episode, David came round to the realisation of his son’s ordeal, and revealed he wasn’t going to let his ex take him away.

But fans feared he could be too late, as Jacob appeared to be having second thoughts, even hiding his phone from Maya.

She brought them new phones as to remain undetected and unreachable, unaware his phone was still active.

Jacob listened to a voicemail from his dad, and even made contact with ex Liv who was trying to get him to come home on behalf of David.

It’s then that Jacob appeared uneasy about the situation, and even appeared to be doubting his plan with Maya.

He agreed to meet up with his dad face-to-face in secret, while Maya was out of the room, with viewers convinced he no longer wanted to be with Maya.

Viewers urged Jacob to flee the hotel while he still could, unsure what Maya would do if she found out about his contact with David, and his secret phone.

One fan said: “Run away from her Jacob!! Run away as fast as you can.”

Another tweeted: “Jacob might not want to admit it but he doesn't trust Maya otherwise he wouldn't have hid his phone when she came in the room.”

A third commented: “Is Jacob actually coming to his senses?”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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