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Emmerdale star teases huge Manpreet death story

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) and his son Ethan (Emile John) in Emmerdale haven’t been in the village for long, but they are set to be involved in a huge storyline involving Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker).

Charles will come face to face with Manpreet, someone he hasn’t seen in over fifteen years. When they meet in the church, Charles addresses a guilty Manpreet as Saira, and tells her he thought she was dead.

With such a shocking storyline ahead for Charles, Kevin Mathurin revealed how Charles feels when he sees Manpreet again:

‘It’s like seeing a ghost, unexpected out of all the places in the country that Charles has worked in, he finds this person he hasn’t seen for over 15 years in the middle of the village. They are both absolutely shocked. As far as Charles was concerned, he thought she was dead.

He just wants an explanation about where she has been and why did she suddenly disappear all those years ago. There will be some reveals – let’s just say, she isn’t exactly who Charles thought she was. He knows her as Saira but for her to say her real name is Manpreet makes him wonder what other big lies she is hiding. There is a lot of past to be dug up.’

But when Manpreet asks Charles to keep quiet, will he? Kevin added his thoughts:

‘He doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers and he doesn’t want the village to know his business. Charles does think Ethan deserves to know – he knew her as well, as a young child. He feels he needs to let Ethan know – Ethan was traumatised by the whole ordeal; he was old enough to know that she was important to their lives and went missing.

It took a lot for Charles to protect and raise him through that. Ethan is his priority.’

This storyline has only just begun, but as Kevin teased, there’s so much to come for Charles and Ethan as they discover more about Manpreet and the life she has created without them.

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