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Emmerdale fans heartbroken over Sam Dingle’s confession about Lisa’s death

Emmerdale’s Sam Dingle continued to spark concern with his loved ones in the fallout to Lisa Dingle’s tragic death.

Lisa had been diagnosed with a terminal heart condition, and sadly passed away on her wedding day to Zak in recent scenes.

With her family including daughter Belle trying to cope with her loss, Lisa’s stepson Sam has been acting out of character.

Girlfriend Lydia has tried to get him to open up, but he’s remained distracted and even began avoiding his family after an outburst aimed at Chas.

On Wednesday’s episode, Lydia probed Sam once more after he left Belle and Zak to plan the funeral.

When thy brought some of her things back to the house, Zak asked if he wanted to see them but he said no.

Later on when he was alone in the house, an emotional Sam picked up Lisa’s top and was spotted by Lydia.

As Lydia encouraged him to talk to her, he finally broke down and revealed his grief over the loss of Lisa.

But it was his confession that he didn’t feel he had the right to grieve, not being her biological son, that left fans heartbroken.

He told Lydia: “I just, feel like I shouldn’t be a part of it. Lisa weren’t my real mum like she was Belle’s.”

She reassured him that Lisa loved him like he was her own son, as Sam shared his struggle to accept she was gone.

He was also upset that he never got to say goodbye, but wasn’t sure he could see her before the funeral.

Sam tearfully said: “I’d really like the chance to let her know what she meant to me…means to me,” with fans taking to Twitter to confess they found the scenes “moving” and heartbreaking.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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