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Emmerdale Alex Moss star Kurtis Stacey now – hunky transformation to new career

Emmerdale fans will likely remember hunky farmhand Alex Moss, who worked at Butlers Farm under the instruction of John Barton from 2011 until 2012.

With ties to characters like Moira and her daughter Holly and son Adam, Alex’s rugged looks turned many a head in the village – leaving plenty of hearts broken.

However, on Christmas Eve of 2012 after almost a two-year stint in the village, Alex was mercilessly killed off at the hands of serial killer Cameron Murray, after discovering the truth about the murder of Carl King.

Alex was initially kidnapped and kept in a van, before managing to escape – but with Cameron hot on his heels, it wasn’t long before poor Alex was beaten to death and buried on the grounds of Home Farm – with his body being discovered in July 2013.

But what has actor Kurtis Stacey been up to since leaving Emmerdale?

Quiz show fame

Just a year after leaving Emmerdale, Kurtis headed to the iconic Mastermind chair for a special celebrity edition of the show.

Kurtis opted for the life and films of his "idol" Arnold Schwarzenegger for his specialist subject, and seemed well prepared for his quiz show stint after an academic career in performing arts.

Born and raised in Liverpool, the actor achieved triple distinctions in the national diploma of performing arts – and despite an enthusiastic performance, he only placed fourth in the show.

It isn’t the only project he’s worked on since leaving Emmerdale.

In 2017, he starred in horror flick The Thirteenth as main character Chris, who travels to a remote island in search of buried treasure and gets more than he bargained for.

He’s also in pre-production for the role of Pressure in Dagon: Troll World Chronicles, as well as trying his hand at producing short films like Recoil in 2018.

Kurtis also makes a name for himself in various pantomime productions across the UK.

Incredible transformation

It’s fair to say Kurtis has undergone an incredible transformation since his days on Emmerdale.

Though fans might be used to him sporting a shaved head, the star now has a suave haircut to suit his chic lifestyle, featuring a shaved undercut with a swept-back fringe and longer, floppier tresses on top.

He’s also hugely into his fitness – something which is rather evident in Kurtis’ huge biceps and disciplined lifestyle.

Writing on Twitter, the star quoted: “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of disappointment. If you want it you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

In a side-by-side snap, Kurtis compared one of his legendary topless Emmerdale scenes to a shirtless snap from 2016, and though he already looked impressive, he’s almost unrecognisable in the after snaps.

Career change

Though he still dabbles in acting, it’s clear to see Kurtis’ true passion is fitness – and that’s reflected in his job.

He now writes a magazine column for BestFit Magazine, as well as doing a spot of social media influencing with brands like MyProtein and Liverpool gyms.

In one 2021 column, Kurtis admitted he has been "struggling" a lot over the course of the Covid pandemic, and discussed "mental wealth" as a way of coping.

He wrote: "I myself have a collection of self-help and psychology books which I like to refer to when I’m feeling stressed or anxious.

"If you’re having an off day, you’re feeling a bit depressed, tired or simply can’t be bothered – you can refer to your Mental Wealth toolbox and overcome any obstacle to get you through whatever is in your way."

Grisly injury

However, his new fitness routine hasn’t been without its grisly injuries, as the star ended up with not one but two dislocated shoulders and was forced to undergo physiotherapy.

Writing in his column for BestFit magazine, he explained: "Like most people who train for aesthetic reasons, I would tend to focus on the outside – therefore forgetting about the joints, tendons, stability and range of motion.

"This had to change over a year ago, [when] I dislocated both of my shoulders. Ouch!

"After thinking I had fixed the problem, I began to notice I was having a reoccurring pain in my right shoulder – not when training, but in the hours following."

Eventually, Kurtis opted for professional help and underwent exercise rehabilitation and physiotherapy – but it definitely doesn’t sound fun!

Hunky snaps

The hunk can often be seen working out at the gym, and isn’t afraid to let his Twitter followers in on the action by sharing a range of hunky snaps.

In one picture, Kurtis can be seen by a weights machine with his bulging biceps on full display as he rocked a blue polo shirt.

With his head turned slightly to the side, his chiseled jaw was visible to the camera as he gazed off into the distance while contemplating his next workout.

In another snap, Kurtis could be seen facing the lens head-on with his arms folded, with a gathering of artful stubble across his jaw.

A keen charity campaigner, Kurtis also snapped a pic of himself wearing an Antonia’s Law face mask with his hair swept to one side and slicked back with gel while he gazed at the camera, captioning the snap: "Join the #AntoniasLaw Campaign to fight for CCTV in Care Homes.. it’s time to put a stop to the abuse & neglect of our loved ones."

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm

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