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Eight erect penises to be broadcast in UK TV history first on Channel 4

A total of eight erect penises will to be shown on TV on Monday night, in a UK broadcasting first.

The penises will be depicted via footage and photos on Channel 4 documentary My and My Penis, according to The Sun.

The programme will see a series of men discussing their relationships with their penises and other issues while posing in front of a photographer for nude portraits.

A source told the publication: ‘This shatters one of the final no-go areas on terrestrial TV, because regulations forbid an erect penis being shown in a sexual context.

‘But as these aroused private parts are shown in an entirely artistic context, filming them doesn’t break any rules.

‘Channel 4 also clearly feel that in more open-minded times, there’s likely to be fewer complaints from viewers — particularly as the show airs at 10pm which is well after the watershed.’

Artist and photographer Ajamu, who heads up the doc, told ‘Lots of countries actually celebrate the penis in terms of its fertility, its aliveness and energy.

‘But in this country the dick is still seen as pornographic and my work is there to reclaim the dick from that space. 

‘I want the images in the film to normalise the penis; especially the erection. By keeping it taboo we give it too much power and don’t allow men to be vulnerable.’

Channel 4 announced the doc last December, saying on its official website: ‘Channel 4 is to take a provocative look at twenty-first century masculinity in all its forms.

‘A specialist factual commission, this 1×60 film sees men talk openly about their penises and how it feels to be a man as artist Ajamu makes portraits of some of them, inspired by their experiences – from the pleasures of sex life to stories of infertility and sexual abuse, homophobia and mental health.

‘Ajamu is a British artist and fine art photographer whose radical, pioneering portraits of the male body have pushed boundaries and provoked cultural debate.

‘This film from Burning Bright Productions will see Ajamu make a series of intimate photographic portraits of men, encouraging his subjects to rethink the way they see their bodies and themselves.’

Here’s hoping we get to see the Gogglebox lot reacting to this.

Me and My Penis airs on Channel 4 on August 31, 2020 at 10pm.

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