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Edwina Currie scolds Susanna Reid saying ‘you’re not Piers Morgan’ live on air

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Susanna Reid felt Edwina Currie's wrath as things turned tense on Wednesday's edition of Good Morning Britain.

The former politician, 74, angrily reminded the TV presenter, 50, that she "wasn't Piers Morgan" as their debate about Boris Johnson's handling of the pandemic began to fire up.

Edwina's catty comment landed after she'd struggled to get a word in edge ways during a live on-air discussion concerning the Government heavily criticised response to Covid-19.

The GMB host was busy reeling off an entire list of political wrongdoings as the first anniversary since the first lockdown fast approaches.

Listing a series of the Government’s failures, Susanna explained: "They got it wrong right from the start.

"The Prime Minister missing Cobra meetings where they were discussing this emerging threat, his failure to shut down mass gatherings and saying that they weren’t a particular risk.

"His insistence that he was carrying on shaking hands – even where there might be people with Covid.

Before she had a chance to finish, ex MP Edwina used a hand gesture to hurry Susanna on, after she'd seeming become bored with her lengthy rant.

Wanting to finish what she had started, Susanna continued: "The failure to test Track and Trace, the failure over PPE… the trouble is, it goes on and on and on."

Edwina who had tried to interject on a number of occasions had now grown increasingly angry.

She fumed: "Susanna, you're not Piers so give me a chance."

The politician had certainly struck a nerve with Susanna, speaking over Edwina again she hit back: "Sorry, Edwina it has nothing to do with whether I'm Piers or not.

"These are facts which meant that we have this devastating death toll. What was the biggest mistake and what should they have done better?"

Unable to state her point across again, Edwina sharply added: "Let me respond."

The showdown cause quite a stir among amused Twitter fans who took to their keyboards to pen their thoughts.

One tweet read: "Susanna being told she’s not Piers by Edwina Currie was classic."

While another added: "Well Susanna I think Edwina Curry summed you up pretty well."

The outburst lands after Piers Morgan threw in his GMB towel last week, having received 41,000 Ofcom complaints for not believing Meghan Markle in the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

Piers stormed off the show on Tuesday after weatherman Alex Beresford accusing him of having a personal vendetta against the former Suit star.

That afternoon Piers was dragged into meetings his ITV bosses and asked to apologise for his comment on TV the following day.

Piers refused and promptly quit his job.

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