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EastEnders spoilers: Nancy Carter left for dead after drunk sister Frankie Lewis hits her with a car

NANCY Carter is left for dead next week in EastEnders after her drunk sister Frankie Lewis hits her with a car. 

Frankie ruffled the Carters feathers in recent scenes when she organised a party for Linda’s birthday and drew unwanted attention towards her pregnancy.

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Frankie – who’s oblivious to the fact that Max is the father of Linda’s baby – felt awful for upsetting Linda. 

Next week, Mick tries to cheer Frankie up by organising for Zack to take her out for a driving lesson.

Over at the gym, Linda gives her daughter some moral support and Nancy reveals she’s thinking about entering a weightlifting competition.

Later, Frankie shows up at Zack’s for the driving lesson and Sharon is shocked to see she’s dressed more for a date. 

Zack tells Frankie he wants to drive to the pub.

But the evening ends in disaster when, with Zack tipsy, Frankie struggles to drive in the dark and ends up hitting something.

They panic as they see Nancy lying motionless in the street.

Zack calls for an ambulance and says he’s found someone in the street unconscious and, when the police arrive, Zack repeats his story.

As Mick and Linda arrive at A&E, Zack battles a guilty conscience.

Zack tries and fails to leave as Shirley and Frankie arrive.

Frankie is distraught but Zack reminds her they could go to prison if the truth emerges.

Later in the week, Jack arrives at the pub ahead of the Euro party and announces he’s got a lead on Nancy’s case. 

Could Frankie and Zack be in huge trouble?

Speaking about what goes through her character’s mind when she hits Nancy, actress Rose Ayling-Ellis – who plays Frankie in the BBC soap – revealed: "Pure panic and guilt – she can’t believe it!"

Talking about whether she trusts Zack and his plan to conceal their crime, she revealed: “Frankie is feeling very stuck. She doesn’t want to lose her family, they’re all she’s got. She’s already lost her mother and the life she had before she came to Walford. The guilt is becoming too much for her to carry.

"Telling the truth could risk her losing what she has with the Carter’s but her lying does the same thing – it’s a bigger risk if the truth ever does come out. So she’s completely torn and worried. She only listens to Zack because he knows what happened and he seems to be calm and controlled. He takes charge of the situation to fix it so she goes along with it and does what Zack says, despite how she really feels.”

Talking about filming the driving scenes, she added: “We filmed it during the night until 5am, it was a long night but because Maddy, James and I were in a close cohort especially for these scenes, we made the most out of it as we were all safe and tested so we didn’t have to social distance. It’s so great that we were able to stay safe and film the scenes that way, it’s a big moment for Zack and Frankie. It made it all so much fun and I didn’t get tired really, I would do it again, Maddy and James were that fun to film with!”

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