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EastEnders' Sharon admits she loves Phil as Kat goes missing before the wedding

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is hot stuff in EastEnders at the moment, with Kat (Jessie Wallace) preparing to marry him and Sharon (Letitia Dean) prepared to do whatever she can to stop Kat marrying him.

Walford’s hardest hard man has been in a few tight spots over the years, but he has a massive dilemma in upcoming episodes – which woman should he choose?

After his recent return from prison, Phil and Sharon shared a Moment together when they kissed and he told her she was the one for him. ‘Maybe we should’ve always been together,’ he told his former wife. But upon hearing that Sharon had notified Grant of Phil’s death (a little prematurely, as it turned out), Phil headed straight back to Kat.

Sharon hasn’t given up though, and is determined to keep trying to persuade Phil that his future should be with her even on his wedding day to Kat. In this she’s aided by the fact that Kat doesn’t turn up at the church, having been delayed by her own ex, Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), trying to persuade her to ditch Phil and come back to him.

As the atmosphere at the church gets more and more tense and Kat still doesn’t appear, Sharon seizes her chance to have one last attempt at persuading Phil he’s marrying the wrong woman.

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Will he be tempted to leave Kat at the altar (assuming she ever turns up) and run off with Sharon?

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