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EastEnders Shane Richie feared hed end up like character after health scare

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    EastEnders actor Shane Richie has revealed he feared he end up like his on-screen character Alfie Moon as his alter-ego battled a prostate cancer scare in his latest storyline.

    The star was appearing on BBC’s The One Show to discuss Alfie’s tear-jerking scenes, which saw him secretly battle his fear of death before getting the all-clear.

    But the actor admitted that he had his own fears about being diagnosed with the disease just two days before he was told about the story.

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    Shane explained to hosts Alex Jones and Jermain Jenas that he was called into Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw’s office where he assumed he would be told about a new storyline developing with Kat and Alfie.

    He was stunned to discover Alfie would be battling a cancer storyline. “Here’s the thing,” the star began. “This is absolutely true, I don’t think I’ve told many people this other than my wife – two days before that meeting I went for a health check for prostate cancer.” He went on to say that his friend has been diagnosed with the same disease and he feared he himself would ne next.

    “Only because it was on my radar. I’m getting to that age now and I’m starting to get reminded by a couple of friends and a close friend of mine who I’ve known since I was 16 went through prostate cancer, thankfully he’s out the other side, and I remember thinking ‘he’s not much older than me’ and I thought right, I’ve got a young family I’ve got a couple of days off form EastEnders – I’m gunna go along for a check up.”

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    He added that “thankfully I was alright,” But that just two days later Chris asked how he would feel about doing this story.

    Alfie Moon is set to leave the Square for a while after undergoing treatment for prostate cancer as fans discover he lied about getting the all-clear.

    In upcoming episodes, Alfie is set to undergo a prostatectomy, with Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) heading to the hospital to offer her support.

    Alfie’s cancer was caught after Phil made him go to hospital after suffering pains, having been punched by son Tommy Moon.

    He is set to “flee to Spain” on Kat and Phil’s wedding day as a distraction to seek further treatment.

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