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EastEnders: Mick Carter's horror explained as his abuser Katy Lewis arrives

MICK Carter is horrified next week in EastEnders when Katy Lewis arrives in the Square and drops a bombshell about their daughter Frankie.

The BBC One soap has kicked off a horrifying child sexual abuse storyline for Mick after it was revealed Mick was abused by his care worker Katy Lewis when he was put in care as a child. 

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What bombshell is Katy going to drop?

Mick's world will come crashing down next week when he sees his former abuser Katy standing before him in the Square.

After steadying himself, Mick demands to know why she never told him that Frankie is his daughter. 

Spoilers have teased that Mick isn’t prepared for what Katy says next about Frankie.

But EastEnders are keeping exact plot details hidden, and viewers will have to tune in to find out what the bombshell is.

Who is playing Katie in EastEnders?

The BBC One soap has cast Bad Girls actress Simone Lahbib in the role of Katy.

Speaking about Katy actress Simone Lahbib’s arrival, the soap’s executive producer said: "We’re delighted to welcome Simone to Walford.

"Her character’s links to the Carter family will form part of an important new storyline for Mick in particular.

"It’s a story that we look forward to sharing with the audience – with its impact on the Carters set to be everlasting."

When did Katy abuse Mick in EastEnders?

Katy was Mick's care worker and abused him after he was put in care as a child.

EastEnders viewers quickly realised that something wasn’t right when Frankie dropped the bombshell that she was his estranged daughter earlier this month.

The small age gap between the father and daughter left fans wondering if Mick had been abused. 

And it seems viewers were bang on as Frankie tried to get Mick to see the truth about the abuse her mother inflicted upon him after learning he was only 12 when he fathered her.

Mick will begin to process what happened to him in the coming months, with the arrival of Katy no doubt complicating matters.

The BBC soap has worked with SurvivorsUK and the NSPCCA on the abuse storyline to make sure Mick’s storyline is as accurate as possible.

Jon Sen, Executive Producer EastEnders revealed: “Viewers have always been aware that Mick spent many years in care, which has been the cause of his fractured relationship with Shirley but now the audience will discover just why Mick’s childhood has been so traumatic. 

“This storyline will see Mick having to confront the demons of his past, something he has desperately tried to avoid for many years and face up to the realisation that he experienced abuse whilst he was in care. 

“Our work with SurvivorsUK and NSPCC has been vital in informing and grounding Mick’s story very much in reality."

He added: “We hope this storyline will help to challenge the perceptions, the stigma and the shame – particularly experienced by male survivors.”

Is Shirley going to find out the truth about Mick’s abuse?

While Shirley has noticed Mick's turmoil over Frankie and Katy, she's yet to clock what's going on.

When Shirley asked him about his change in behaviour, Mick just launched into a rant about how she was never there for him when he was younger.

Will Shirley work out that Frankie is Mick's daughter, and that Katy abused him as a child?

With Katy set to arrive in the Square next week, if Shirley does cotton on to the abuse she put her son through, how will she react?

Only time will tell.

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