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EastEnders’ Max Branning ‘confirmed’ for soap return over pregnancy storyline

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The return of Max Branning in EastEnders appears to have been confirmed following Tuesday night's episode of the popular BBC One soap.

Actor Jake Wood left the show back in February, after 15 years of playing the soap favourite, however, just months later, it seems as though he may be getting ready to make his comeback.

His character exited the show following a tumultuous romance with married Linda Carter, who recently made the surprising discovery that she was pregnant.

And in more drama-filled episodes set to air next week, Linda notes that Max is most likely the father than Mick because of the due date.

She then ponders whether she should tell Max about the shocking pregnancy news – prompting speculation that Max will return.

One person questioned: "I wonder if Max will come back if he finds out about the baby #EastEnders."

Another added: "#EastEnders Max would be back like a Shot if he Knew."

Whether Max delights fans by returning is yet to be seen.

The character has been a fan favourite since he showed up on Albert Square back in 2006 looking to reconnect with his son Bradley.

Producers of the soap confirmed they wouldn't be killing Max off ahead of his departure, leaving the door open for a future comeback.

However, Jake revealed he's in no rush to return, despite being incredibly "proud" of everything he achieved on the soap.

"Never say never," he teased. "We'll see what happens, but at the moment I've got no plans to go back," explained Jake. That being said, the soap star did admit that he was "very pleased" they'd left the door open for him.

"I'm excited about what's next," Jake said. "It always takes a period of time when you come out of a soap after that long."

Since then, Max has been involved in some of the soap's most iconic storylines, including the mind-blowing Christmas of 2007 when Max and Stacey's affair was revealed to the entire Branning clan.

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