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EastEnders fans convinced Gray’s killer secret will FINALLY be exposed as Chelsea makes shock discovery

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Chelsea will FINALLY expose Gray’s killer secret after making a shocking discovery. 

The serial killer – who is played by actor Toby Alexander Smith in the BBC One soap – has got away with murdering his own wife Chantelle as well as barmaid Tina.

But fans think Gray’s luck is about to change after his new partner Chelsea stumbled upon proof of his killer past.

Tonight's episode saw Chelsea persuade Gray to skive off work. 

When they met her friend with a van full of dresses so she could pick an outfit for court, Gray realised the dresses were stolen. 

Chelsea managed to distract Gray by suggesting a romp in the back of his car.

However, disaster struck again as the police arrived and, spotting alcohol in his car, breathalysed Gray.

When Chelsea spotted an earring, Gray was horrified to realise it belonged to Tina.

When the pair arrived home, a livid Gray berated Chelsea for taking him anywhere near stolen goods.

When Chelsea fought back, he sneered that the dresses looked “cheap” and would “suit her down to the ground”.

Aghast, Chelsea asked: “What did you just say to me?”

But at that Gray yelled at her to get out and, shocked at his angry outburst, Chelsea left despite being on curfew with a tag. 

Gray then flushed Tina’s earring down the drain.

But fans were convinced Chelsea would put two and two together and find a way to expose Gray’s crimes.

One said: "i think gray is under estimating chelsea… i think she might catch onto something"

Another added: "Gray is getting sloppy!"

A third said: "Every time I see Chelsea with Gray…. I'm just shouting…. [Run]"

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Viewers know that the walls are already closing in on Gray after his boss Laura Awowinka dropped the bombshell that she knows he’s an abuser. 

Laura got Gray drunk in recent scenes so he would embarrass himself at a works drink by offering him a free bar.

Laura later spoke to Chelsea at Gray’s house, warning her that the lawyer abused Chantelle – and that he was probably looking for his next victim.

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