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Eastenders fans confused as Bobby Beale returns looking totally different – for the FOURTH time

EASTENDERS has revealed Bobby Beale's return to Walford – but it has left fans confused with a new actor playing the young murderer.

The soap announced earlier this week that television newcomer Clay Milner Russell will be taking on the role of the newly released killer of Lucy Beale.

He was first spotted in the explosive summer EastEnders trailer but even with Max Branning screaming "Bobby Beale!" at him, fans were still confused at the new face playing him.

One wrote: "Bobby? Bobby Beale's face has changed more times then Ian Beale has been married."

Another added: "WTH!!! Am sure Bobby Beale had dark hair!!!"

But who has played Bobby before?

Kevin Curran (2003–2007)

Bobby Beale the baby years.

Baby Kevin Curran took on the role of Bobby before he could even speak.

He starred in the role from 2003 until 2007.

Alex Francis (2007–2012)

Bobby Beale: The Toddler years.

After Kevin Curran bowed out of the role in 2007, the soap brought in Alex Francis to play the apple of Ian Beale's eye.

He stayed for five years before he was replaced.

Rory Stroud (2013–2014)

Rory Stroud took over from Alex when Bobby returned to Walford in 2013.

He only stayed for a year before soap bosses decided to recast Bobby with another actor ready for his murderous storyline.

Eliot Carrington (2014–2017)

Bobby Beale: The murder years.

Actor Eliot Carrington is the face many fans recognise as the definitive Bobby Beale.

He was the one who shocked the nation when it was revealed he had killed his sister Lucy, and caused mum Jane to cover it up out of desperation.

For a long time he had no idea what he had done, thinking Lucy had been killed after he hit her with the jewellery box.

And when he did find out, it didn't take long for him to return to his killer ways, brutally attacking his mum with a hockey stick and leaving her paralysed.

He was sent to prison and quickly refused to see any of his family, and except for a brief appearance via video chat two years ago when Max Branning threatened his life, he hasn't been seen in Walford.

But that's all set to change.

Clay Milner Russell (2019−)


Actor Clay will take over the role after Bobby is released from prison and sent home.

But it won't be a smooth transition as soon after his return to Walford he is chased and attacked by Max Branning, and subject to assaults outside his own house.

Prior to Clay's casting TV insider told The Sun: "The production team have always been keen to develop his character and want to find the right actor to take him into adulthood."

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