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E4 launches bizarre reality show Naked, Alone and Trying to Get Home with nude contestants race through UK

E4 has launched a brand new bizarre reality show with one very big twist.

Naked, Alone and Trying to Get Home is set to air this Autumn and will see contestants trying to make it home – completely in the buff.

Viewers will watch as two pairs of complete strangers are stripped bare of all their clothes and possessions as they race across the English countryside.

The winner of the E4 show will take home a cash prize for charity – and, thankfully, also their clothes.

But will they have the strength, resilience and resourcefulness to survive in the country’s most extreme environments, with nothing but their wits?

And as they move towards the finish line in a busy town centre, how on earth will they manage to improvise and cover their modesty?

The show is sure to as cheeky as it is entertaining as contestants, quite literally, bare all.

Naked, Alone and Trying to Get Home is produced by Avalon along with executive producers Jay Taylor and Jamie Isaacs.

The new series seems like new twist on Naked Attraction – the saucy Channel 4 favourite, hosted by Anna Richardson, which sees people pick prospective partners by seeing them without their clothes on and Race Around The World.

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