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Doctor Whos freakiest monsters from The Voord to Quarks, a Yeti and Peter Kay

Doctor Who is back as Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord takes on classic villains the Sea Devils!

In an Easter special, the aquatic foes return for the first time since 1984 as they bid to take over Earth.

But they aren’t the only madcap monsters that have featured in the show over the years.

Forget the Daleks – here, James Moore recalls the sci-fi hit’s freakiest creations, including Peter Kay as Abzorbaloff.

• The Kandyman: Looking like Liquorice Allsorts mascot Bertie Bassett, this murderous robot, left, used sweets to dispatch victims. It appeared in 1988 with the seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy.

• The Voord: Basically blokes in diving suits and helmets described as making them look like “evil Teletubbies.” When they debuted in 1964, one actor tripped over his flipper – the footage was left in.

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• Scribble Creature: Tenth Doctor David Tennant and Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, encountered an aggressive drawing that came to life – the product of an alien-possessed child.

• The Quarks: These crazy cuboid robots from 1968 were played by three schoolboys and made giggling noises before running out of power.

• Alpha Centauri: This one-eyed oversized green bug has a puzzling gender and squeaky voice. It first appeared in the 1970s but came back in 2017.

• Yeti: Abominable Snowmen first appeared in 1967 as robots used by the Great Intelligence, which later reappeared in the guise of Richard E. Grant.

• Adipose: Marshmallow -style aliens – they looked cute, but could turn human bodies into Adipose kids.

• Mutant Maggots: In a 1973 episode of the show, third Doctor Jon Pertwee battled the grubs that had grew huge due to toxic waste.

• Giant rats: Appeared in a 1977 episode where Tom Baker’s Doctor travels to 1800s London.

• Lady Cassandra: Top right, a piece of skin with a mouth thanks to 700 cosmetic surgeries, she is the last human alive in 2005’s End Of The World episode.

• Abzorbaloff: Designed by a nine-year-old for a 2006 episode, Peter Kay played the lardy alien who could absorb living things.

● Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils is on BBC One at 7.10pm.

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