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Diversity’s Black Lives Matter dance on Britain's Got Talent nominated for BAFTA TV Awards’ Must-see moment of 2020

DIVERSITY’S Black Lives Matter-themed routine on Britain’s Got Talent is nominated for a Bafta.

The daring performance was Ofcom’s most complained about item in a decade, but that hasn’t stopped it making the academy’s shortlist of highlights for the past year.

Virgin Media’s Must-See Moment Award sees Diversity going up against five other standout telly scenes, with the winner chosen by a public vote.

A TV insider said: “After more than 25,000 people complained about the BGT performance to Ofcom, it will be interesting to see how many supporters of Diversity’s routine’s turn out to vote.

“An award in this category is particularly coveted because it is decided by viewers at home. But it faces some stiff competition.

“And winning in this section isn’t just about being the most shocking or controversial. It can also be about being the most moving or hilarious.”

Those dramatic moments on the shortlist include Penelope Featherington being revealed as Lady Whistledown on the Netflix drama Bridgerton, Chantelle Atkins getting killed on BBC1 soap EastEnders and Luke Skywalker appearing on Disney+ science fiction epic The Mandalorian.

There are two lighter options — reactions to Boris Johnson’s press conferences featured on Channel 4’s Gogglebox and Nigella Lawson pronouncing microwave “mee-cro-wh-vay” on her BBC2 cookery show.

Voting opens today at 8am and ends at 5pm on May 24, with the winner announced at the Baftas on June 6.

You can pick your moment at and entering gives you a chance to win a Big Bafta Night In with Virgin Media.

Next year’s list has to include DI Steve Arnott taking out that sniper on Line Of Duty.

Clara's single minded

CLARA AMFO says she leads a “delightfully selfish” life and has no interest in babies yet.

But her therapist believes she is in denial about being single at the age of 36.

The Radio 1 DJ said on the Make It Reign podcast: “My therapist said the other day that she thinks I am in denial about having kids. I don’t think I am.

“I would have children with the right person but I am not desperate to have a kid.

“I lead a delightfully selfish life.

“I do what I want, I’ve got nobody depending on me, I work on my schedule and I don’t have to run around after little people.”

Well, it seems to be working for her

Bloods' real-life rescuer

IT might be a fictional show about paramedics, but Bloods’ on-set medical supervisor saved someone’s life for real during filming.

Lucy Punch, who stars in the London-based Sky comedy alongside Julian Barratt, said: “Our paramedic adviser was advising us.

"Then suddenly word came that a member of the public nearby was in trouble. I think they choked on something.

“He just casually went off and saved someone’s life and then walked back on set like it was nothing.”

Julian added: “It puts things in perspective when you’re an actor and you think, ‘I’m really having a bad day, the food’s not right. I ordered gluten-free and there’s no way this is gluten-free’.

"Then you have some paramedic that has gone off to save someone’s life and you think, ‘Maybe I should shut up about my gluten-free business’.”

STEPH McGOVERN had a smear test live on telly yesterday to show how easy a cervical screening can be.

The Steph’s Packed Lunch host said: “There are a lot of women who struggle with going to their smear test because they think it’s going to be awful and embarrassing, so we decided to show you what actually happens.

Karen's pick of the crop

STRICTLY speaking, it’s not quite warm enough for Karen Hauer to wear a crop top.

But you can’t really blame the BBC1 dance contest pro for wanting to show off her abs when they are that toned.

Super-fit Karen looked chilled as she took a stroll in the sunshine in London with a couple of healthy juices.

If that was me, it would probably be two pints of beer.

A Rising talent on show

IF you want sexy and supernatural, look no further than new Sky Original drama The Rising.

The show’s stunning young cast is led by Danish actress Clara Rugaard, as a girl who one day discovers she is dead – and the victim of a murder.

The eight-parter, which starts filming in the Lake District next month, then follows her as she tries to find out who the culprit is and bring them to justice.

Clara is joined by two other good-looking newcomers, Nenda Neururer and Solly Mcleod.

As if the Lake District wasn’t beautiful enough.

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