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Dickinson’s Real Deal guest ‘delighted’ as war medals make staggering profit

Dickinson's Biggest and Best Deals: Military medals sell for £17,000

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Dickinson’s Biggest and Best Deals aired on Sunday afternoon, giving ITV viewers insight into some of the biggest sales made on Dickinson’s Real Deal. Looking back on one of the most memorable moments on the show, host David Dickinson recalled the time some war medals sold for a shockingly high price.

On the ITV programme, David reflected on some of the biggest sales ever made on Dickinson’s Real Deal.

He named a number of memorable moments, but highlighted one as the best of them all.

Looking back on the time a guest brought some war medals onto the programme, David remarked: “Big money, real emotion, he is the real deal.”

The show then played some footage from the show, when Dickinson’s Real Deal visited Bangor in 2013.

The clip saw ex-serviceman John bring in his collection of medals from when he was in the special forces.

His military career saw him work in the Falklands, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and South Korea.

Upon seeing the collection, expert Mark Stevens said: “What a fantastic group of medals. I can’t imagine what you have done to get them.”

He looked further at the collection, assessing what he thought each medal was for.

Mark said: “We’ve got here the UN medal, the Northern Ireland medal, the Falklands medal with the Falklands rosette which means that you saw active service, and I think this is South Korea issued in the 1970s?”

John confirmed Mark was in fact correct in his analysis of the medal collection.

“They are very, very collected. There’s no point in beating around the bush. I want them. I’d love to own them,” antique dealer Mark confessed.

Mark originally offered John £7,000 for the group of medals, but after much debating the bidding didn’t stop there.

John eventually accepted an offer of £10,000 from Mark and the pair agreed they would take the medals to a specialist auction and split 50/50 any amount over £10,000 that was reached.

On the day of the auction, David asked Mark how confident he was feeling about the sale of the medals.

Mark replied: “They are such a unique group of medals. They have got to make more money.

“I am convinced they are going to do well,” he added.

Mark, David and John watched on excitedly as the auction began with a bid of £7,800, however, new offers quickly rolled in and the bids shot past the £10,000 mark.

After an intense bidding war, the medal collection eventually sold for a total of £17,000.

When David asked John how he felt about the sale, the former soldier replied: “Delighted obviously!”

“I never expected this. The £10,000 was a lot, so this is fabulous,” he explained.

Mark agreed: “I’m over the moon. I’m really happy!”

Dickinson’s Biggest and Best Deals is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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