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Detective Pikachu end credits scene: Is it worth sticking around after the Pokémon movie?

It’s the first live-action Pokémon movie ever and hits cinemas today. Reviews for Detective Pikachu have been lukewarm, with giving a solid three stars. Based on the video game of the same name, the fuzzy yellow mouse voiced by Reynolds sets off on a film noir mystery. But does Detective Pikachu have a post-credits scene?

Unlike the MCU movies, fans do not need to wait until the end of Detective Pikachu as there is no end credits scene.

Of course, it’s still worth sitting though the first half of the credits thanks to the awesome retro video game inspired graphics.

While the lack of a teaser at the end of the movie may disappoint some fans, there is the promise of Detective Pikachu 2 to look forward to.

The sequel was green-lit in January before the first movie was released.

Back in January 22 Jump Street screenwriter Oren Uziel was hired to pen the script.

Meanwhile, Detective Pikachu featured a Home Alone Easter Egg.

Early on in the movie, Tim heads to his father Harry Goodman’s apartment.

Playing in the background on the TV is a black and white film, which Tim comments on by saying how much his dad loved detective movies. But this isn’t a real film noir movie, it’s the fictional one from Home Alone.

Shot specifically for Home Alone, the fake movie is called Angels With Filthy Souls which Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister sits down to watch.

Movie fans will remember he also uses it to trick the burglars into thinking there was a couple of gangsters in the house involved in a shoot out.

Amusingly, director Rob Letterson revealed why they ended up choosing that clip.

Detective Pikachu is out now.

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