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Derick Dillard was Late to Post a Mother's Day Tribute to Jill Duggar on Instagram, and This Could Be Why

Since 19 Kids and Counting and now with Counting On, there’s no doubt fans of the Duggar family can’t get enough of the ultra-huge family. While we originally saw fan favorites like Jessa, Jinger, and Jana as teens when they first started their reality TV careers, they’re all growing up fast. And though Jill Duggar remains a fan favorite, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see her on TV again thanks to Derick Dillard’s controversial Twitter activity that got both of them removed from the show.

While Jill and Derick are no longer on our TV screens, they’re certainly still on social media. And Derick is constantly getting heckled by fans for what he posts. Recently, he added a Mother’s Day tribute to Jill on Instagram — but it’s a day late and could be fodder for more controversy. Here’s why.

Derick wrote a heartfelt message devoted to Jill on their family blog

Derick may not have been too vocal about Mother’s Day on social media, but he posted quite the heartfelt message to both his own mother and to Jill on the Dillard Family blog. Derick explains that “a God-fearing mother is recognized by her character and wise management of what God entrusts her with … My wife and mother are examples of these moms.” And he then went on to explain that Jill has all of the amazing qualities he sees in his own mother, which is one of the reasons he fell in love with his wife.

“These are all character attributes that I saw in Jill that attracted me to her (besides how gorgeous she is),” Derick continued on. “Likewise, if the Lord blesses us with daughters, these are the qualities I hope and pray they would receive from their grandmother and mother.” Derick also seemed to shut down any rumors that his relationship with Jill was on the rocks with this: “She is selfless and always looks for a way to encourage those around her.  But most of all she’s my best friend and love.”

Fans ripped Derick apart on Instagram for not posting about Jill on Mother’s Day

With such a heartfelt post, there’s no doubt Derick loves Jill — but it seems some fans were offended when Derick didn’t dedicate an Instagram post to Jill on Mother’s Day. Instead on Mother’s Day, Derick added a photo of their son, Israel, and commented on spending some “quality time” with him for the day.

Fans were quick to question why Derick would post about Israel instead of Jill. As one of his followers wrote, “Why don’t you post a Happy mothers day post for your wife? I mean she carried YOUR CHILDREN in her body for 9 months, and had to have a C-section (which is a major surgery) for the both of them. Selfish and ungrateful of a husband much? [sic].” Another person added, “It’s just sad how you didn’t do a Happy mothers day post, or how you rarely post about your wife [sic].”

Did Derick post a Mother’s Day tribute to Instagram just to calm the hate?

We don’t often see Derick respond to the hate he gets on the ‘gram, but he did have something to say to the follower who made the initial pointed comment. “When I post something, people say, ‘Why don’t you tell her yourself instead of posting it.’ And when [I] don’t post, people say, ‘You’re ungrateful.’ … Can’t please everyone,” he added.

It seems he may have taken the follower’s comment into consideration, however. After Mother’s Day, he added a photo of him and Jill to wish her a happy holiday and also link to his long-form post on the Dillard family blog. “Happy Mother’s Day Jill! I always enjoy our weekly sushi date… and really any other time I’m blessed to spend with you,” he captioned the sweet photo. And fans seem to have a lot of nice things to say here, too. “Wow. I applaud you, Derrick & Jill, for continuing to post your happenings for all of us that enjoy them,” commented one follower.

Is Derick trying to please his followers more than ever before after receiving so much hate over the years? Maybe so — but perhaps it’s actually working.

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