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Demi Lovato admits DMX's overdose gives her 'survivor's guilt' after she nearly died in own drug crisis

DEMI Lovato admitted that DMX's overdose gave her "survivor's guilt" after she nearly died in her own drug crisis back in 2018.

In the latest development, DMX will be undergoing several tests to determine the level of brain function, which could be critical in determining his chance of recovery.

The 28-year-old singer opened up to TMZ about what she felt after DMX was rushed to the hospital following a heart attack triggered by an overdose, just as her YouTube documentary detailing her terrifying 2018 overdose airs.

When asked if she felt scared following news of DMX, the Dancing With The Devil singer said: "Yeah, of course.

"Anytime that I see somebody OD or even pass away that are in the public eye, I immediately think 'That could have been you had you not been putting all this work into the last couple of years of your life.'"

She added: "I feel like there are times when I've even talked about survivors' guilt because you do ask yourself like 'why am I still here? and why are others not?' It's a challenging thing to get over but ultimately I had to realize that every day is a day that someone else doesn't get."

During her interview, Demi also revealed she felt grateful for having survived her own overdose, as she said: "Every day that I'm here on this Earth is a day that I need to be counting my blessings for and just be appreciative and grateful for.

"It makes me want to live the best life I can possibly live, knowing that others didn't get the same chance as I did."

Demi's interview comes after DMX was reportedly left in a "vegetative state" after suffering a heart attack on Friday night and having to be revived three times.

Citing a source, ET reported how medics "tried to revive him twice in the house, and revived him again in the hospital."

The insider said: "This is a very difficult time for the family. They are standing by his bedside, holding his hand and praying. They are really in prayer mode."

The family of the rapper had announced in an email on Sunday that the vigil will be held outside the hospital from 5pm and asked that fans keep the rapper in their "thoughts, wishes and prayer."

In an email seen by AP, the family said: "On Friday night, April 2nd, 2021, our brother, son, father and colleague DMX, birth name of Earl Simmons, was admitted to White plains (NY) Hospital, facing serious health issues.

"We ask that you please keep Earl/DMX and us in your thoughts, wishes and prayers as well as respect our privacy as we face these challenges."

A second email confirmed that the rapper is still in a coma and was currently using a ventilator.

Earlier on Saturday, TMZ had reported that the “Where the Hood At” rapper was in a critical condition after an overdose at his home at around 11pm on Friday night.

However, his attorney Murray Richman would not confirm to TMZ that the heart attack had been caused by an overdose.

“I refuse to vouch for that because I have no personal knowledge,” Richman said.

Information first started to circulate when famed NY rapper Eric B shared an image of himself and DMX.

He captioned the image: “Please pray for my brother DMX,” along with the hashtag #DMXhospitalized.

DMX has reportedly struggled with drug addiction throughout his adult life – and has openly addressed the issues within his songs.

In 2016, Page Six reported DMX stopped breathing and had no pulse after suffering a drug overdose in a Westchester, New York, parking lot.

Luckily, a medic on hand administered Narcan, an anti-opioid used to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose, according to police.

The rapper became “semiconscious” and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received treatment. 

The following month, he entered in to a drug rehab program.

Similarly, Demi has also been in and out of rehab and sobriety after she first began using drugs as a teenager.

Demi's Dancing With The Devil docuseries has shed light on her overdose, the events leading up to the night, and her rehabilitation afterward.

When discovered by her assistant, she had turned blue in the face and was rushed to the ICU.

Demi – who recently came out as pansexual after her split from Max Ehrich – suffered three strokes, a heart attack, brain damage, pneumonia, multiple organ failure, and now fights blind spots in her vision.

The beloved star recently spoke to Tracy Smith on CBS about the terrifying experience, as she confessed how close she truly came to dying.

She recalled: "The doctors told me that I had five to 10 minutes… If no one had found me, then I wouldn't be here. I'm grateful, that I'm sitting here today."

The international sensation was also allegedly raped on the same night, by her drug dealer Brandon Johnson.

The Disney Channel star accused the dealer of giving her drugs laced with fentanyl, taking advantage of her while she was nearly unconscious, and then leaving her for dead while on an outrageous mix of substances.

However, it has come to light that her abuser will not be investigated for the overdose, because such an incident is categorized as a self-induced medical emergency.

Though the pop star did not publicly speak her dealer's name, Brandon did admit to being with Demi that night.

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