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Dean McDermott Details How He Keeps His Marriage with Tori Spelling Hot: 'It's Still on'

After over a decade of marriage and with six kids between them, one might think that Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling’s sexual appetite for each other has settled down — but McDermott assures, “it’s still on.”

During a visit to Mom Life with Adrianna Costa, the 52-year-old actor revealed that he and Spelling still have palpable sexual chemistry, adding that he still looks at his BH90210 star wife with affection.

Keeping that passion alive takes work, of course.

Asked how they do it, McDermott stressed the importance of date nights.

“You have to make it a priority to spend time together because you spend so much time focused on your kids, you forget about each other and each other’s needs,” he said.

Showing affection is also key. “Just grabbing your husband or your wife out of nowhere and just for no reason, and kissing the nape of her neck and saying, ‘I love you so much, you’re so beautiful.’ Just being appreciated. Saying ‘You’re beautiful, you’re handsome.’ Just looking in their eyes.”

All in all, you have to prioritize your relationship, McDermott said. “[Be] aware of it. It’s so easy to throw it in the back, but you’ve got to bring it to the forefront.

McDermott was on Cost’s show to talk about Daddy Issues, his podcast with Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris.

“We’re really coming from the perspective where dads are more hands-on than they ever were,” McDermott said. “So we have that kind of knowledge now, where before, we didn’t and we didn’t talk about what diapers to use or what formulas to use, because we weren’t around that much. The tides have changed and it’s given us this great platform to talk about being a dad.”

Said Paris: “I’m not a parent, but I think there’s something for everybody to listen to, whether you’re a parent or not. We all have issues and we’ve all been scarred by our parents in one way or another.”

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their kids

McDermott and Spelling, 46, wed back in 2006. They’re parents to children Liam Aaron, 12, Stella Doreen, 11, Hattie Margaret, 8, Finn Davey, 7, Beau Dean, 2, and 21-year-old Jack Montgomery — who is McDermott’s son with his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace.

Lately, McDermott has been opening up more about he and Spelling’s sex life.

In an August episode of Daddy Issues, McDermott said that he and Spelling have role played in the bedroom. Specifically, she’s reprised her role as Donna Martin, the character she made famous on Beverly Hills, 90210 and its reboot, BH90210.

“Yeah, she’s dressed up like Donna Martin,” he said. “And it’s f—ing awesome.”

“She looked hot,” McDermott added. “I had a crush on Tori on the show, and so to see the flashbacks [on BH92010], I put it in the spank bank.”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

That same month, McDermott revealed on his show that he and Spelling have sex “every day” and use CBD lube.

“It’s great,” he said. “You just put it on, and the vagina gets tighter, and then you last longer.”

In other NSFW news, McDermott said he has the words “Tori’s” tattooed above his genital area.

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