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Countryfile viewers seriously distracted during weather report – but can you spot why?

COUNTRYFILE viewers were left seriously distracted during Sunday's weather report for an unusual reason.

The BBC show includes a run down of the weather each week, and last night's episode saw Ben Rich present the forecast.

But as Ben recapped on July's mixed bag of floods and high temperatures before moving on to August, viewers were distracted by his ensemble.

Ben wore a check shirt with his cuffs turned up, jeans and a brown belt, which viewers felt fit perfectly with the country-vibe of the show.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Ben, poster boy for #Countryfile weather presenting. Multi-coloured check, sleeves rolled up, jeans with a brown belt. What a beauty.”

Another added: "Ben Rich is too good for the BBC! Well dressed. Great shirt, cuffs turner up, brown belt. You can be proud! #countryfile.”


A third tweeted: "At least Ben Rich respects the #countryfile weather report dress code, unlike some others.”

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "Ben Rich will never let you down… #countryfile."

Starting his forecast, Ben said: "Good evening, you may be wondering what is the August weather menu especially after a July that basically threw us every element.”

He continued: "We had some torrential downpours. Not everywhere but where they did show up, they did cause some significant flooding in places.

“There was also some heat. A heatwave.

“Northern Ireland broke records. Not once, not twice, but three times in less than a week.

“And then for the end of the month some stormy weather. Storm Ava which brought some really rough conditions across the south of the UK.”

Countryfile airs on Sundays on BBC One.

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