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Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman ‘destroyed’ over Aarons betrayal

Coronation Street: Aaron kisses Amy as she drunkenly passes out

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Last week, Coronation Street viewers watched in horror as Aaron Sandford (played by James Craven) raped Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) while she was passed out drunk. Speaking to, Amy Barlow star Elle revealed how the incident will impact her friendship with Summer in the future.

Last Friday, Aaron and Amy got closer in the flat after they both had a fallout with Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby).

With Aaron and Summer arguing over him messaging his ex Mia, Amy defended Aaron which caused conflict between the two girls.

Despite the animosity between the trio, they all decided to head off to a cocktail night at the Bistro, although beforehand Amy and Aaron shared a secret kiss.

During the night, tension with Summer became too much and Aaron and Amy headed back to the flat to carry on drinking a considerable amount.

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As Amy headed into her bedroom to try and find more booze, she fell to the floor with Aaron rushing in to help her onto the bed.

Although they had another quick kiss, Amy told him she felt sick and passed out on the bed.

However, Aaron continued to kiss Amy on the shoulder and made the decision for them both to have sex, as her underwear was shown being thrown onto the floor.

The next day, she was horrified to realise how far things went after Aaron confessed they shouldn’t have had sex.

Later on, Amy confronted Aaron and told him she was too drunk to consent, although he remains adamant they both wanted it to happen.

He begged her not to speak to his girlfriend Summer as he doesn’t want it to impact their relationship.

However, Summer and other friends express concern for Amy after she acted odd around Aaron.

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The soap star said: “I think that will probably be one of the most interesting things, because from Summer’s perspective, I’ve slept with her boyfriend.

“That’s her best friend, has slept with her boyfriend, so she’s going to be destroyed.

“She doesn’t know who to hate more, whether she hates him more or whether she hates me more because how have I done that to her?

“It’ll be interesting to see her stance on everything because what do you choose? The best friend who you’ve been best friends with for years? Or the boy that you love? It’s a hard one.”

As Coronation Street viewers saw Amy try and deter Summer from going to Manchester University to be close to Aaron, it’s possible her friend already has her suspicions.

Amy has had a tough few months in the soap after her boyfriend Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) left Weatherfield.

The well-loved character was forced to leave the cobbles after his violent father Damon (Ciarán Griffiths) threatened him, leaving Amy heartbroken.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV from 8pm.

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